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Shona Tova from CAEF & Messages from Judea and Samaria | Sept. 13, 2023

Watch webinars presented by CAEF, supporting Zionism, Israel’s Future, and Jewish Pride.

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CAEF presents "Living the Zionist Dream in Judea and Samaria" with Naomi Kahn

CAEF and TZC present "Forging a Path to Our Jewish Future" with Caroline Glick

CIJR presents "Beyond The Conflict: Life in Judea and Samaria", with Ezra Ridgely

CAEF presents "Judicial Reform and Other Legal Issues Challenging Israel", with Yotam Eyal

CAEF presents "How Arab Orchestrated Antisemitism Affects Life in Judea and Samaria" with Natalie Sopinsky

CAEF presents "Growing Arab Antisemitism Continues Unabated Because of Internal Israeli Issues" with Avi Abelow


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