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Speaking Up for Israel | CAEF Bulletin, July 17, 2023





Pat Condell, “Why I love Israel”



Recently launched with lesson plans for grades 7-12 inclusive and an annotated bibliography of books, videos, essays for K-12.

Here is the link to resource listings.

Here is the link to the K-6 lesson plans.

Here is the link to Grades 7-12 lesson plans.


Watch Imam Mohamad Tawhidi

In a June webinar for the Middle East Forum, Imam Tawhidi, Vice President of the Global Imam Council, discusses the Abraham Accords and peace between Arabs and Jews. Watch the video


Former Foreign Minister of the UAE Warned Europe back in 2017 about Open Immigration

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed, former UAE Foreign Affairs Minister, spoke at a conference in Riyadh in 2017, entitled Together We Prevail, in which he warned Europe of impending problems with unvetted, open immigration from the Middle East.

Watch this brief excerpt which was taken from 12Tribefilm site.


Intimidation and/or Withdrawal by Left NGOs from Combat Antisemitism Movement

The Combat Antisemitism Movement has been a major leader globally in the fight against rising Jew hatred, in coordinating organizations and building allies, working with governments, finding creative solutions, documenting antisemitic incidents, and providing up-to-date reports. CAEF is a proud member, having joined in its early formation in 2019, and spreading the word to help grow the movement and increase the pledges of individuals who agree to combat antisemitism. CAM has worked at many levels across many countries to get concurrence on IHRA, build bridges with non-Jewish allies, and encourage bipartisan support for Israel. It is therefore, shocking and unconscionable for any Jewish entity to withdraw because they disagree with the notion that antisemitism comes from the Left as well as the

Right on the political spectrum. It is a sad day that CAM has had to acquiesce to such a brazen, uncooperative demand.

Read about the backlash to the video on woke antisemitism, then watch the video.

Cartoon by Yaakov Kirschen

Dishonour.. Thy Name is Husseini, Thy Cause is Injustice

The Nakba, commonly referred to as “the catastrophe” is to the Palestinian Arabs, the loss of face, resulting shame, in losing to a fledgling ill-equipped small Jewish army against 7 Arab armies in an unjust war they initiated in 1949. The world has come to believe that the Jews invaded, slaughtered, expelled thousands of Arabs, stole land, destroyed villages, and “colonized” Palestine. None of this is true. It all makes for what Alex Safian, Associate Director of Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis (CAMERA) calls, The Nakba Narrative is Nonsense. Safian references words from the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Al Amin Husseini, from Germany where he sat out most of the war with his buddy Hitler, while recruiting Arabs for the Axis powers and the ultimate destruction of the Jewish people.

“Rise as one and fight for your sacred rights. Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history, and religion. This serves your honor. God is with you.” (Jeffrey Herf, “Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World,” p. 213, Yale University Press, 2009.)

Read the article, published by CAMERA in May 2023 and reprinted in


Study Report on Palestinian Arab Attitudes About Israel

If one only listened to leftist NGOs, liberal/left politicians, and professors of subjects in humanities, social sciences and the basket of “studies,” one could be misled into thinking that the majority of Palestinian Arabs would accept peace readily, and are anxious for their leaders to negotiate with the Israeli government, or leave them to have a fulfilling life, accepting things as they are. One would be very mistaken to think peace and prosperity are what the majority of such Arabs aspire to. Recent study by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey An article by Nave Dromi, published in the Middle East Forum, originally in, June 25, 2023 reveals the following: 66% of Palestinian Arabs believe that Israel will not celebrate its 100th anniversary, while only 27% believe it will.

Palestinian Center for policy research on the Nakba. Read here


Documentary on How US and Canada Fund UNRWA Ammunition Purchases

Canadians and Americans, as well as Europeans whose governments are funding the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) should be furious and demand accountability and the end of unconditional funding. UNRWA educates Arab kids to commit violence against Israelis, denies the legitimate existence of the State of Israel, and is also using donor country contributions to purchase weapons.

Demand that your country cease funding attacks against Jews, the murder of innocents, the rewarding of terrorists, and the denial of such malevolence.

Help get the truth out! Help the Nahum Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research produce their next documentary for every parliament.

Donate in Canada. Americans, see option on the same page.


Denying Hamas a Win, End their Rearming

Yossi Kuperwasser, in the Middle East Quarterly, summer edition, makes a strong case for Israel’s winning in Gaza and ending the recurring attacks against Israel.

“What is needed is not only a change in the rules of the game but also a change in both the public discourse and in Jerusalem's definition of victory. This new definition should include denying Hamas the ability to rearm itself so that it will be less able to reengage in violence against Israel.”


Advocacy and Action

CAEF letter to Stephen Lecce, Ontario Minister of Education on Regulation 304 of the updated Education Act.

CAEF letter to Melanie Joly, Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs on Canada’s positions re: Israel, support for UNRWA, and recent statements by the Government

A summary of concerns expressed to Hon. Minister Joly and conveyed to the Leader of the Official Opposition and Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Dear Ms. Lantsman and Mr. Chong;

The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation has serious concerns about Canada's statements regarding Israel's role in its war on terror, and as part of a collaboration with other governments, namely Australia and the UK, in calling for Israel to cease building homes in an area that is designated for Jewish development within Judea and Samaria.

We are calling on the Government of Canada to update its position in support of its ally Israel and to do the following:

  • Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

  • Cease funding UNRWA which teaches Arab kids to kill Israelis, denies Israel's existence and all of Jewish history in the land of the Jewish people's forefathers and foremothers.

  • Cease using language that is politically loaded and incorrect in calling Judea and Samaria, "The West Bank" or worse, "Occupied Palestinian Territories."

  • Demand the Palestinian Authority end Pay-for-slay and eliminate the law that requires payment for the murder of Israeli Jews.

  • Call out the terrorist entities operating in Jenin and do not equate the defense of Israelis and the routing of terrorists with the murder of innocents by the Palestinian Arab terrorists.

  • Cease telling the Israeli government where it can and cannot build housing, especially when its announced plan is for legal housing in Israeli controlled Area of C.

  • Demand the end to Arab land grabs and illegal building in Area C in Judea and Samaria.

  • Cease the fallacious claim that building housing is justification or any kind of excuse for armed "resistance" which is just terrorism, aimed at driving Jews out of their land.

  • Refuse to speak of "Palestine" as a state since it does not now, nor has it ever existed.

It is time that truth reigned when discussing the Israel-Palestinian Arab conflict.

We thank you in advance for taking a principled stand and look forward to your response to the rational position that we urge the Government of Canada to take in support of its ally, Israel.

Letter from Ruth Abrams to the Leader of the Official Opposition and Response from the Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition re: Canada’s tolerance of Iranian intrusion in Canadian life.

CAEF forwarded a petition to university Social Work Department Heads across Canada. Thanks to all who signed the petition requesting the inclusion of antisemitism studies into the social work curriculum. The petition and resulting published article in the Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism has now been sent to 30 Social Work Department heads as well as the 11 Departments heads of programs which study social work in French.

Read the letter here.

We continue to gather names and if you are interested, click here to add your name.


Academics, Please Sign and Share

Read the excerpt as to the purpose of the petition regarding illiberalism in academia, then read and sign the document. Send this forward to every open-minded academic whom you know.

…”Jewish scholars and academics, are concerned about the current ideological environment in the US and elsewhere and the increasingly censorious culture in many institutions of higher learning. Although we are acutely aware of the illiberalism and threats to academic freedom emanating from the political right, and in no way downplay these dangers, in this letter we focus our attention on, and express our deep concern about, a dangerously intolerant ideology on the political left…”


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