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The Lawfare Project Announced Investigation into Canadian Funding of UNRWA

Brooke Goldstein, announced the Lawfare Project (LP) has officially launched an investigation into the Canadian federal government’s irresponsible funding of UNRWA! This comes in response to revelations that personnel at UNRWA were directly and indirectly involved in recruiting, training, funding, and supporting terrorism — including egregiously participating in the October 7th butchering of Jews and the kidnapping and hiding of hostages.

LP, together with local counsel David Elmaleh of RE-LAW LLP, formally directed statutory requests to Global Affairs Canada and the Privy Council’s Office seeking copies of, among other things, all documents related to the funding for UNRWA, all documents relating to the knowledge and information of Hamas’s influence within UNRWA activities, and copies of all correspondence regarding concerns that were previously raised.

“Organizations such as The Lawfare Project have been sounding the alarm for years about UNRWA’s corruption and terror support. If we uncover evidence that the Canadian federal government was aware of Hamas’s influence within the organization, yet still decided to spend taxpayer funds with knowledge that the funds could be used to support terror, we will explore any and all legal remedies at our disposal.”

“These Freedom of Information requests serve an important function in our democratic society, by helping to hold the government to account, and assisting the public in understanding the inner workings and considerations that led taxpayer funds to be sent to UNRWA, an organization with employees that had a direct hand in spilling Jewish blood.”

CAEF is one of several Toronto-based organizations that has drawn attention to the Islamist ideology embedded in the UNRWA delivered, PA approved curriculum for all Palestinian Arab children, from k-12. Working with the Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research, CAEF has shared information directly with senior members of the Federal government and made it the central subject of several issues of the End Jew Hatred Report sent directly to every Member of provincial and federal governments and all Senators.

PA/Hamas/UNRWA textbooks have glorified female terrorists as role models of female empowerment. Its educational materials call on students to “defend the motherland with blood.” Its teachers and employees publicly cheered and celebrated Hamas’s October 7th massacre.


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