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This year more than ever, support CAEF in fighting antisemitism and anti-Zionism

As the end of 2023 fast approaches, we reach out to ask for your continued financial support.  The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation (CAEF) is a registered charitable organization, incorporated since 2001. While completely volunteer based, we DO NEED financial resources to enable us to function.

With the surge in Jew hatred that we are experiencing in our communities today, we must redouble our efforts. With your help:

  • We will continue to offer informative webinars free of charge and expand our audiences.

  • We will continue to create Educational Resources that address Jewish history, antisemitism and Zionism and see them used in classrooms.

  • We will expand our research into university-based antisemitism through our Hineni project which documented antisemitism in social work education.

  • We will reach out and strengthen ties with allies as we organizie and support rallies and events to confront the viral antisemitism that threatens us all.

  • We will continue to boldly speak out and demand an end to media lies and distortions as we challenge those that spew them.

Presently, we are on the frontlines working and empowering grassroots-led ralliesto demand action by our leaders and institutions.  We are meeting with politicians and educational leaders to provide real solutions to strengthening the response to the antisemitism we see daily on our streets. We are making every effort to support those directly impacted by this rise in antisemitism through legal and advocacy measures including calling on professional colleges to hold their members to account.

  • Our Volunteers once again organized an information booth at the Toronto Walk for Israel and gathered over 1000 signatures on a petition to demand universities address antisemitism in social work education.

  • We partnered with a student group to bring an Israel Defense Force (IDF) officer to campus and to a public lecture at a synagogue; then challenged the University for canceling the on-campus event, requiring the students to move elsewhere.

  • We continue to partner with key organizations like the Bedein Center in Israel to document the Jew hatred and violence in UNRWA schools.

  • In the fall of this year CAEF coordinated a conference entitled, Stronger Together to #EndJewHatred, to bring action items forward to confront anti-Zionism in particular.

  • Among these actions will be ongoing efforts to see that the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of Antisemitism is implemented by government and key institutions without delay.

We have some great plans for the New Year for which we need your support in order to ensure their success. With your support we will be able to continue to offer our End Jew Hatred Canada Report to government leaders.  In the New Year, with your help, we will launch our new programs including “How to Confront Antisemitism” Workshops and “How to Raise a Zionist” Tableside Chats. We are also in the midst ofplanning a student-led retreat to empower the next generation of leaders, and an important interfaith program with the Institute of Black Solidarity with Israel (IBSI).

The next year will be challenging without any doubt, as the war against the Jewish people and Israel wages on. We must make it clear that brutal terrorist entities such as Hamas are a scourge to all of society, that Jewish Hostages - women, men and babies - must come home and their victimizers punished, that Hatred in all forms must be stopped, and that our security at Home must be a priority for all.

We need your help to continue to have an impact and expand our reach. The time is urgent and the time is now.

All donations are tax-deductible. In the US, donations to CAEF can be made through our partner, The Lawfare Project.

To those celebrating Chanukah, may the light of the menorah shine on you and your family.  May we remember the fortitude of the Maccabees at this very time that we need such strength and leadership.

Thank you in advance for mobilizing and for your generous support as we work to End Jew Hatred.


Anita Bromberg


Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation


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