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SOLD OUT! CAEF Advocate Award of Excellence Honouring Barbara Kay

Thanks to all of our Sponsors and Community Supporters. We look forward to seeing all sponsors and ticket holders on February 22nd. A tribute video will be shared post event.

If you wish to honour Barbara Kay by contributing to CAEF and the research project: The Impact of Antisemitism on Faculty, click here

Gold Sponsorship

Irving and Alania Weisdorf

Silver Sponsorship

Judy Benattar

Eric Slavens

Linda and Zigi Soudack

Bronze Sponsorship

Doctors Against Racism and Antisemitism

Donna Holbrook

Lou and Elaine Milrad

Larry and Sue Zeifman

Michael and Inga Teper

Michael and Janette Diamond

Ronny Kay

Rose Baum

Friendship Sponsorship

Wendy and Elliott Eisen

Carrie Katz and Sydney Streicher

Delores Rosen

Shirley Anne and Harvey Haber

Karen and Sydney Goldenberg

Twenty Chai Sponsorship

Anne Golden

Annette Poizner MSW, EdD,

Florence Minz

Darryl Bonder

Gloria May

Eleanor Levine


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