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Zoom into Informative Webinar on US elections. Rally in Toronto for the Hostages on July 7

Nov. 5, 2024: A Fateful Day - America’s Election, Israel, and the World. Register:


We are excited to announce that OneGlobalVoice, in collaboration with Tafsik, Yalla, CAEF, Stand with Us Canada, CFI, JCC, and many other organizations, is hosting an important event on July 7, 2024. This event, titled “9 Months in Hamas Hell Captivity”, is expected to feature family members of hostages, soldiers who fought in Gaza, doctors who volunteered in hospitals survivors, and displaced individuals from Israel. The main theme will be life in Israel after October 7.

The exact location of the event will be announced shortly.

Please share and promote this event within your community through all available channels.

Contributions can be made via Interac e-transfer to Please mention OneGlobalVoice in your transfer. Tax receipts are available.

9 Month in Hamas Hell :


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