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2+2=5. The Upside Down World Today | CAEF Bulletin - February 5, 2023

Progressivism is Regressive

Many critical thinkers and analysts now recognize that the alt-left is inherently antisemitic and “progressive” ideologues are spouting ideas that are dangerous to Jews and all of society today.

CAEF is exploring this in a series of Web Talks entitled, Truth Must Be Told, How Lies Contribute to Antisemitism. Several talks will explore the upside down use of language on the left, such as “occupier” applied to the indigenous people of Israel, the Jewish people. Words like “racism” applied to the liberal open just society that exists when the solutions being proposed by supporters of Critical Race Theory (CRT), are clearly racist. No one is claiming that Canada and America are perfect societies but the claim that all institutions are inherently racist is not at all well founded, and ignores today’s reality. CRT is promoting a division of people by skin colour into “oppressed” and “oppressor” which is absurd, racist and dangerous. That people differ by way of skills, knowledge, genetics, education, as well as attitude, ambition, and opportunity is all true but that does not equate to people who are oppressed by other people by virtue of any inherent personal characteristics.

Watch Douglas Altabef in a CAEF Web Talk, February 2, 2023, "Protesting the Protestors, Is Democracy Really Under Threat in Israel?"

Next week, watch a CAEF Web Talk with David Bernstein, "Does Radical Social Justice Ideology Fuel Antisemitism?"

An article by Daniel Ben-Ami published in November 2022, by Scholars for Peace in the Middle East points out that “Public discussion of anti-Semitism typically focuses on its far-right variant – much less is said about its leftist form. Woke Anti-Semitism, by David Bernstein, is a welcome attempt to redress this imbalance. Bernstein is the founder of the Jewish Institute for Liberal Values (JILV), which aims to counter the illiberalism of woke ideas. He has proved to be one of America’s staunchest defenders of classical liberal notions of freedom.


Truths to Be Told, and Retold

One of the more insidious lies about Israel’s founding, used to denigrate the existence of Israel, malign her struggling and embattled founders, deny her right to exist, is the lie about a massacre at Deir Yassin in 1948 committed by Jews. Now the truth cannot be hidden. Noted scholar, Eliezer Tauber, proves this NEVER happened.

Read the article by Marilyn Stern in the Middle East Forum, November 21, 2022 and listen to the webinar.

Robert L. Meyer, presents a very clear, lucid, visual explanation of the Jewish People’s Rights to the land of Israel. Watch to learn about the Mandate for Palestine, share this video and this entire CAEF Bulletin to aid others to know the truth. Remember. Truth Must be Told.


Understand the Big Lie

Israel should not have to explain its very right to exist. Is anyone asking if Canada is legitimate having been founded by two European nations which displaced many local indigenous tribes? (Okay, many Woke progressives are asking, but seriously?) Is anyone asking about Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, which all arose from the ashes of WWI and the respective Mandates awarded to Britain and France? There is, of course no logic in this biased upside down, and antisemitic woke, progressive/Islamist alliance.

Some might find the work of Dr. Jordan Peterson, Canada’s most notable Conservative writer, thinker, and commentator, to be biased but at least he is asking probing questions, challenging rigid ideologically based opinions that are becoming entrenched without debate. Hear him in an interview with newly elected Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu on The Biggest Lie in the Palestine-Israel Debate, and learn about Israeli history from an authority, Bibi Netanyahu.


Letters that Share the Truth

Richard Sherman of Florida shares many of his letters to media, universities, governments, and various institutions in a constant campaign to get the truth out in combating Jew hatred, and correcting the lies. Here are a few that might aid You in speaking out.


Advocacy and Action


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