2020, A Year of Antisemitism in Review--What’s Next?

CAEF reviewed 2020 as it comes to an end and we look forward to a new beginning. Let’s look back at a sampling of incidents of antisemitism across Canada that came to our attention so we can begin to focus where our efforts for next year must lie.

While the country focused on the pandemic and the economy, Jew haters focused on Jew hatred, and did not relent but upped their attacks in 2020. CAEF is dedicated to exposing the hatred, countering the lies, promoting unapologetic Zionism and Jewish Pride, and debunking the “Palestinian” hoaxes.

In 2020 we went online and delivered 20 webinars, a Weekly CAEF Bulletin, initiated several petitions to the Canadian government in support of Israel and condemning incidents of antisemitism, asking the government not to intervene in Israel’s rights to sovereignty, and to recognize Jerusalem, her historic and eternal capital.

We joined with others in urging local governments and the province of Ontario to adopt IHRA, and posed the same demand to the University of Toronto which has a formidable record of antisemitic incidents and provocateurs.

We advised Peel Police on several antisemitic incidents, and asked the Privy Council to investigate the personal online postings of a high ranking civil servant whose postings demonstrate antisemitism writ large, and our submissions to other government bodies highlight the need to be vigilant in the battle for a cultural shift that puts an end to antisemitism

We launched End Jew Hatred Canada, the Canadian partner with EndJewHatred.com, the new Jewish civil rights movement initiated by the Lawfare Project.

We ask for you to contribute to CAEF’s program of exposing and bringing down the haters, combatting antisemitism requires your support.


A Chronological Review of Antisemitism in Canada 2020

December 2020

Toronto AM radio station cuts ties with antisemitic Polish broadcaster: CJMR vice-president Matt Caine noted that the Polish broadcaster had failed to respond adequately to detailed complaints about its portrayal of Jews and Judaism, and that its Canadian representative had simply dismissed these as “inaccurate.”

Antisemitic graffiti on a school in Langley BC: Sometime between Saturday, Dec. 26 and Sunday, Dec. 27, someone spray-painted a swastika and a threatening message on Alex Hope Elementary School.

Meanwhile we saw a host of antisemitic comments appearing on social media from leading activists. Anti-lockdown Marco Pietro denied the use of gas chambers and mass graves in the Holocaust. Gary Markle (Canadians against Hate) said: “Zionism is Nazism… a parasite, a deadly cancer.” Fareed Khan posted : “I am 100% in agreement with the exception of the “Zionist New World Order.”

November 2020

Participants at the “Solidarity with Palestine Car Caravan” was held in downtown Toronto chanted: “Viva, Viva Intifada, Free Palestine.”

Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada (based in BC) prayed: “O Allah! purify it [Al-Aqsa Mosque] from the brothers of monkeys and khanzeer [Jews].”

Meanwhile Mazin AbdulAdhim, a leader of Hizb ut-Tahrir Canada Ottawa , wrote: “They are a weak and worthless people politically… tools in the hands of bigger powers.”

Neo-Nazi stickers found at Cambrian College Sudbury, Ontario.

BC man sentenced to house arrest for ongoing breach of probation related to antisemitic hate crime conviction.

October 2020

Antisemitic graffiti reported in a park located in Richmond Hill, ON: Incident in Rouge Crescent Park is hate-motivated.

Anti-Semitic stickers implying Jews responsible for COVID-19 found in downtown Halifax and nearby university campuses.

Antisemitic incidents reported at Vancouver high school: A Jewish family in Richmond says there’s an antisemitism problem at Steveston-London Secondary after their daughter experienced two separate but equally troubling antisemitic incidents.

Senior analyst at the Privy Council Office accused of being behind numerous antisemitic tropes posted on social media including disparaging comments about the genetic background of Jewish people while claiming Jews participated in or enabled Nazi atrocities.

September 2020

“Jews run the world,” found on several vehicles in Thornhill, Ontario. Similar graffiti found on Toronto subway wall. Swastikas also reported scrawled on streets of Hamilton.

Right around Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) a man accosted a family in their car yelling “Fucking Jews” among other antisemitic calls (Thornhill, ON), and another suspect during Rosh Hashana services outdoors in downtown Ottawa ran up to congregants and spat at them calling out “dirty fu=king Jews.”

August 2020

Van carrying antisemitic messaging seen in various locations in heavily Jewish areas of Toronto, Ontario, “Proof Beirut was nuclear blast covert source says Israel involved.”

Canadian Polish paper blames Jews for COVID-19 virus; says Jews are the source of the world’s ills.

Arabic newspaper in Canada blames Israel for August 4 explosion in Beirut.

July 2020

Antisemitic calls including “Jews are our dogs,” during anti-Israel rally in Mississauga, Ontario organized by high school students.

Firas Al Najim, heading Canadian Defenders For Human Rights (CD4HR) tweeted, “9/11 most likely was an inside job by the US regime and Zionist Allies to JUSTIFY all invasions and plundering of resources in the Middle East.”

An apartment building in Windsor, Ontario housing a number of Jewish students, was defaced with anti-Israel graffiti “F— Israel.” While a swastika was painted on a rock in a park in Thornhill, Ontario with a dense Jewish population.

Foodbenders restaurant, the same company putting up a sign and social media posts stating “zionists not welcome,” placed a chalkboard on the street: “Defund Israel; Defund pigs… FREE PALESTINE.”