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CAEF and Friends Honoured The Lawfare Project Founded by Brooke Goldstein. Watch the Award Program

The 2022 Advocate Award of Excellence brought together international experts to pay tribute to our Honorees. Emcee Barbara Kay, noted Canadian journalist, navigated beautifully among speakers with tributes from across the globe, and songs by internationally reknowned performers, Cantor Gideon Zelermyer and Neshama Carlebach

Learn about The Lawfare Project, making waves and winning cases against Jew hatred, whether against institutions, media or individuals.

Learn from international law expert, Dr. Jacques Gauthier, why we need keep the knowledge of San Remo alive, build our collective memory and stand up for Israel’s rights.

Learn from Honoree Brooke Goldstein about using Lawfare to counter the enemies of Jews and Justice for our people, and how the civil rights movement to End Jew Hatred can encompass all Jews.


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