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CAEF: Attention Members of Parliament


It is shocking and revolting that antiZionism is on the streets of our cities. The call to destroy a country is taking place on our streets, unabated, unchallenged, and potentially endangering Canadian Jews.

Who is protecting our communities from Hatred?

Why is this allowed? Why is Israel’s right to exist being challenged and its celebration being threatened in Canada?

Call of the Jew haters! Declare such rallies illegal.

Read the signs: “From the River to the Sea means drive the Jews out of their land!!!! This is Jew hatred! This is disgusting! This is evil!

Below are the announcements that are whipping up anti-Jewish sentiment. It is time to stop pretending that it is not antisemitic to call for the destruction of the only Jewish state. It is time to enforce the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism—it is time to End Jew Hatred!

Below are the words and ads of the Jew haters in Canada


Israeli authorities have authorized the Settlers’ Flag March. Tomorrow, thousands of zionists will invade Al Aqsa. There is great risk of violence from Israeli police and right wing marchers.”

Note-Israelis are NOT settlers, but citizens of the Nation State of the Jewish people. They have the right to march in their own country and celebrate the unification of their capital city which had been illegally occupied by Jordan for 19 years. They are not marching to or on the Temple Mount! Ed. CAEF

As Palestinians mobilize to protect Jerusalem communities, we must stand in solidarity with them.

Note—Solidarity is code word for marching against Israel and the Jewish people. Arab Israelis are citizens with full rights in Israel. Why are these so-called Pro-Palestinian rabble rousers not marching for the so-called Palestinians who have no rights in Lebanon or Syria, were kicked out of Kuwait and who pose a threat to the King of Jordan? Do they care a whit about Palestinian Arabs—or just hate Jews?? Ed. CAEF

Where is the hashtag that tells you that Egypt has a blockade against Hamas in Gaza? Where is the hastag that tells you if numerous illegal Arab settlements in Judea and Samaria? Where is the hastag that tells the truth about Sheik Jarrah, an original Jewish community destroyed by Jordan and now a few Arab families are being told to pay the rent for homes owned by Jews or be evicted? In Canada we evict non paying tenants. Palestine is not a country so from whom is it to be freed? Hamas holds hostage all the residents of Gaza and Fatah/PA pays people to kill Jews! Do the terror supporting Pro-Palestinians object? Ed. CAEF

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