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CAEF Condemns Today’s Terrorism in Jerusalem, Mourns the Death of Canadian, Calls on Canadian Govt..

CAEF Condemns Today’s Terrorism in Jerusalem, Mourns the Death of Canadian, Calls on Canadian Government to Investigate, and Cease Funding UNRWA

Shock and grief are inadequate responses to the latest tragic death in Israel caused by terrorist(s) intent on hurting Israelis, damaging the land, demonizing and denigrating Israel. Early this morning, two bomb attacks at bus shelters in Jerusalem left one dead and many people wounded.

Whether one terrorist or many, whether part of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, ISIS, or Fatah, the act is demonic, and the result tragic. While we say prayers for the healing of the 22 people wounded and kaddish for 16 year old Aryeh Shecopech whose life was prematurely ended, we must also ask, what is the Canadian government doing to help end these ever occurring attacks? And what is it doing to bring justice to the Jews affected?

Words alone cannot express our heartfelt feelings of sadness for the parents and loved ones, friends and colleagues of Aryeh Shecopech, who are grieving.

The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation thanks Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his tweet of condolences but it is not enough.

CAEF urges that Canada demand and participate in a full investigation of this criminal act. Canada must consider recommending this act of terrorism be referred to the International Criminal Court, and/or perhaps have the perpetrator(s) extradited to stand trial in Canada.

Just as Canada stood with the Iranian families who lost loved ones when the Iranian regime shot down a civilian Ukrainian plane, and demanded justice for survivors, noting the irresponsible act by the regime and/or its special forces which caused the deaths, so must Canada call for a full inquiry to determine how the routine calls for death to the Jews, the “end of occupation,” (literally a call to end the country of Israel). Canada must speak up against the antisemitic violence-oriented education of hundreds of thousands of Arab children in UNRWA schools, and cease is funding, along with that of other western nations, as this act alone contributes to terrorist attacks.

It is well known that the Palestinian Authority under the illiberal Mahmoud Abbas will now eagerly reward the murderer(s), allocate a life time salary to whomever is arrested and imprisoned, and the amount paid will increase if more Jews die from their injuries. The families of the terrorist(s) will be rewarded as well. In no time, a street or school will be named after the so-called “martyr(s),” and children will revere them.

Does Canada wish to stop the Jew hatred, or see it rewarded? Join CAEF in calling for Canada to stop funding terror, stand up for Justice for Jews, #EndJewHatred .


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