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CAEF Letter to PM, MC, and Amb. re the UN vote on behalf of Canada against Israel

November 26, 2020

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, Minister Champagne, and Ambassador Rae;

Your vote at the UN on behalf of Canada and against Israel and the Jewish people is shocking, humiliating and undermining of peace in every way.

It serves no purpose to join "the maddening crowd," to be a follower instead of a just and fair leader. Only if you know zero Middle East history, if you deny the fact that Israel is dealing with an unrepentant liar and murderer like Mahmoud Abbas, and if you want to be aligned with tyrannical regimes such as that of Turkey's Erdogan, Iran's Khomeini, Syria's Asad, would you vote against Israel, would one even consider voting against the only democracy in the Middle East and a country that abides by the rule of law. Canada can do better than that, and has in the past.

Are you Mr. Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador completely unaware of the Palestinian Arab leaderships continuous claims that nothing but the total destruction of Israel will ever satisfy them? Are you ignorant of the fact that after being offered over 90% of the disputed territories and having had at least 6 major peace proposals, the PA will not accept nor negotiate peace? Are you without access to news so you missed the fact that the UAE and Bahrain have normalized relations with Israel and did not require the complete destruction of 500,000 Jewish homes to achieve it? Just where is this land called Palestine and when did it come into being, and why does Canada support fallacious claims of an “occupied territory” when no country but Israel has governed it except for the 19 years of illegal occupation by Jordan?

It seems that Canada at the UN has lost its integrity, lost its conscience, saying absolutely nothing about Abbas's recent statement that he will pay the murdering terrorists who kill Israelis, (Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze) forever! He claims even if the PA have no funds for their people, they will give the last cent to jailed murderers. Where is your moral compass? Why did Canada not stand with Israel and demand the PA act like moral human beings? When the PA teaches all of its children that there is no Israel, that the Jews are devils and that murdering Jews is just fulfilling the work that Hitler didn't quite achieve, where is Canada? Why do you say nothing in that useless court of public opinion, the UN?

Shame on you three whose voices drown out the cries of innocent Israeli children who experience a daily barrage of lies, hatred, bombs from Gaza and knives from Samaria and Judea. Are you aware of all the illegal Arab settlements that are in Area C, the area always designated for future Israeli development and administration? Are you so ill informed that you missed the plan to give the PA about $50billion US to make peace not war, and they have rejected it.

So, what does your voting against the interests of peace, of justice, of fairness, say about Canada-Israel relations, about your government’s views on Jewish civil rights and the rising tide of Jew hatred? AntiZionism is, within the IHRA definition which you accepted, the inclusion of demonizing Israel and holding it to a double standard. Isn’t Canada’s vote at the UN an example of that double standard?


Andria Spindel,

Executive Director

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