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CAEF Letter to the President of Carleton Unversity re: Stop the Hate on Campus

November 14, 2023

Dear Ms Slater and Mr. Davies,

Please bring this letter and our concern immediately to the attention of President Tomberlin as this proposed teach-in is nothing more than a hate fest against Israel and the Jewish people.

While CUPE and other unions are independent of campus administration, the use of any facility, physical or virtual, must not be allowed by those who sow Jew hatred, spread lies and call for the eradication of the Jewish nation of Israel. CUPE 4600 is on the brink of doing all of this and must not be allowed to use Carleton U in any manner when they maliciously act to harm and intimidate Jewish students and the wider Jewish community,

The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation urges you take steps to shut this event down, divorce it from from Carleton U:

CUPE Teach-In: Canada out of Palestine - Stop Funding Genocide

Canada stands with Israel, a democratic ally. Hamas is a vicious barbaric terrorist entity that is so listed by Canada and every other Western democracy, and it is unconscionable for the union to make false claims about Israel. This can only be understood in the context of antisemitism. Israel is committed to destroying the force of evil that massacred over 1200 innocent civilians and injured over 4000 others, people in total coming from over 40 nations, not just Jews. Muslims were also butchered by Hamas.

Standing with terrorists is terrorism. The war underway in Gaza is being handled more humanely than any other war in the world, past or present. Do you see Russia creating humanitarian breaks for care of injured Ukrainians? Do you see calls for Ukraine to cease fire while whole villages are demolished by Russia? The calls for Israel to stop hunting the terrorists is a call to weaken Israel and subject Israelis to more attacks, to allow Hamas to regroup and to risk more lives of both Jews and Arabs. The ultimate goal is to free Gaza from Hamas and that serves all of the western world.

Today, you must speak up, and stop the event, declare it anathema to your administration and urge that students and faculty distance themselves from Jew hatred.

It all starts with you. Silence is complicity.


Andria Spindel

Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation

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