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CAEF Sponsored a Triple Header—Watch Three Impactful Webinars

This past week was packed with news, and not much of it good. People all over the world are experiencing worries about life and liberty in light of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. This is coupled for Jews with the increasing antisemitism in schools, college campuses, mass media, social media and in the rhetoric drummed up by Vladimir Putin in trying to justify his evil be claiming he is fighting the Nazification of Ukraine. And, as can be expected, the zombie-minded Jew haters have concocted stories to blame Jews for the conflagration.

But despite the similarities in words and images with WWII, this time is different: For the Jewish people, Israel makes all of the difference. Israel is rescuing Israeli Jews and Arabs, and others who get to the borders of Ukraine. Ukrainian Jews are immigrating to Israel, their welcoming homeland.

In years to come, people will ask, why did the world not stop the massacre of Ukrainians in February-March of 2022?

Read Arlene Kushner’s blog from Israel: “In cooperation with the Foreign Ministry of Israel, the Jewish Agency of Israel has opened six immigration processing stations along the Ukrainian border in Poland, Romania, Hungary and Moldova.”

CAEF presents webinars to help understand and untangle truth from fiction, facts from lies, and to present answers, solutions and actions. Help us to do this; donate now. Monthly donations of $20 or more will be increased by a $20 donation from Canada Helps during March.

Watch three important webinars presented with our partners, supported by CAEF.

CAEF Partnered with Atlanta Israel Coalition to present: Jewish on Campus

Panelists, Gerard Filitti, Olga Meshoe Washington and Carolina Simon, in conversation with Cheryl Dorchinsky,addressed what’s going on across US campuses and what you can do about it. (A similar situation exists in Canada.)


CAEF Partnered with the Israel Defense and Security Forum to present:

How Does the Russia Ukraine War Impact Israel?

Brigadier General (ret) Amir Avivi and Dr. Anat Hochberg-Marom, spoke about the tension between providing support to Ukraine, while at the same time not alienating Russia. They also looked at the broader implications for this conflict in terms of the European energy needs, China’s role in the conflict, Iran, and the effect that US sanctions have had on Putin’s mindset.


CAEF Partnered with Canadians for the Rule of Law to present:

What’s Happening in our Educational System, Critical Race Theory, Wokeism & the Distortion of Canadian Values

The panel is part one of three entitled, Are we at the Breaking Point? Barbara Kay, journalist, Ziporah Reich, litigator, and Richard Bilkszto covered the topic from their professional perspectives explaining that a hostile environment is created by CRT in the educational system; it also breeds discriminatory attitudes especially antisemitism; and has resulted in cancel culture, media bias, divisiveness, while distracting from core curriculum in education.


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