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CAEF Stands with Israel's Heartland. Tomorrow's Webinar from Samaria.Kosovo Remembers the Holocaust

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Nati Rom is a native-born Israeli upon completing his active duty service in the IDF, put a stake in the ground on a beautiful Samarian hilltop near Shilo, pioneering the first of many hilltop villages. Nati, like a modern-day Maccabee, has forged through countless obstacles as he works to defend Jewish pioneers who are fulfilling ancient prophecies in the heartland of Israel.

Nati is an attorney with Honenu, an organization that provides free legal assistance for soldiers and civilians. Nati has defended hundreds of pioneers in court who have been arrested for exercising their rights on the Temple Mount as well as in Judea and Samaria. He also represents people who are negatively impacted by the Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS) movement and other anti-Semitic efforts.

Worldwide, Nati speaks to thousands of people every year about life in Judea and Samaria, establishing and strengthening connections between pioneers and their international supporters. He also meets with individual leaders from all walks of life – Jewish, non-Jewish, religious, and non-religious – to convey the truths of life in Judea and Samaria.

In 2012, Nati and his wife Yonat founded Lev HaOlam, an organization that supports Jewish business owners in Judea and Samaria who are suffering because of the BDS movement. Nati, Yonat, and their six children live in Esh Kodesh near Shilo. Together, they work tirelessly to transform calls for “BDS” into BUY, DEFEND, SUPPORT as they take an active role in redeeming the Biblical Heartland of Israel.


L-R Goldi Steiner, Rochelle Michaels, Renanah Gemeiner, Joe Gemeiner, Doris Epstein, Andria Spindel

CAEF and others took a stand for Evyatar Toronto, Ontario, 02/11/22

Speakers’ remarks follow:

Andria Spindel: Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation

I'm Andria Spindel, Executive Director of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation.

Anti-Zionism is today's major source of antisemitism. The lies about Israel, denial or erasure of Jewish history in Israel contribute to antisemitism.

Jews are indigenous to Israel, Judea and Samaria are at the heart of our history and the land of Israel geographically. Jews should be able to live anywhere in the land. The land is legally, Biblically, and historically Jewish land.

The government of Israel must allow and support the community of Evyatar to survive and thrive, and recognize the importance of its strategic location in Israel and its historical import. After the murder of one of a young Yeshiva student from this area, the last thing the government should do is dismantle the Yehsiva.

We stand with the community of Evyatar.

Doris Epstein: End Jew-Hatred Canada

Friends of Judea and Samaria,

Yehuda v Shomrom, Judea and Samaria - this is the Heartland of the Jewish People. Most of the events in the Bible took place here. Yet for decades, they have been weaponized in the Palestinian Arab propaganda that is against Israel. The BDS movement in particular.

Judea and Samaria cannot be annexed; annexation falsely implies taking over land that it has no right to. It is not occupied by Israel because owners are not occupiers.

There are 450 thousand full tax paying Israeli citizens living there today.

Words can be weapons. I urge you – stop calling them settlers, living in settlements. This implies temporariness. They are citizens of Israel and live in cities, towns and villages.

Stop calling Judea and Samaria the West Bank. That is the name Jordan gave it when it illegally occupied that area, in order to de-Judaize it.

Judea and Samaria are the historical Land, the legal heartland of the Jewish People. They are part and parcel of the State of Israel, and always will be.

Goldi Steiner: CILR Canadians for Israel's Legal Rights

We are gathered here in a snow covered parquette in Toronto Canada.

My name is Goldi Steiner, representing Canadians for Israel's Legal Rights, joined by other Canadian NGOs and individuals.

We are here to support the Evyatar community, asking the government of Israel to honour its commitment, to resettle the displaced residents, who were evacuated from their homes close to a year ago.

They agreed to peacefully abandon their homes, based on an agreement signed with the government, to survey the status of the land, after which to allow the return of the residents to their homes.

The survey has now been completed, and outgoing Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit said there was no legal impediment to upholding the deal.

The time has come to ACT and resettle the residents without further delay.



David Harris, outgoing CEO of the American Jewish Committee, well explains the Meaning of Israel in 2022 in his Blog in The Times of Israel.

Take a Stand for Israel


Republic of Kosovo Consulate Honours Holocaust Remembrance

(L to R) Hon. Parm Gill, Ontario Minister of Multiculturalism, Consul-General Donat Syla, Ya’ara Saks, MPP,  Consul-General of Israel, Idit Shamir,  Roman Baber, MPP

On February 23rd, Consul General Donat Syla hosted Jews and Kosovians (93% of which are Albanian) at a reception at Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Synagogue in Toronto, to both remember the Holocaust and recognize the support of Albanians during WWII. Only Albania had more Jewish residents than before the war because their Code of Honour, known as BESA, The Promise, led Muslim nationals to host and hide the local Jews and those who entered the country seeking refuge. Photos from Yad Vashem telling the story were on display.

CAEF was represented by Executive Director, Andria Spindel and Board Member, Michael Teper. The Republic of Kosovo, now celebrating its 14 year anniversary, was recognized by Israel as independent in 1999 and opened its embassy in Jerusalem in 2021. Watch the full program here and including the photo exhibit, Keeping Promises.


U of T Jewish Faculty Members Take Issue with Antisemitic Position of their Colleagues.


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