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CAEF Web Talks Expose the Virus of Antisemitism - CAEF Bulletin - April 17, 2020


Announcing CAEF Web Talk 3 Identifying and Combatting the Antisemitism Virus in South Asia Featuring: Dr. Navras Jaat Aafreedi

Dr. Aafreedi, an expert on Muslim-Jewish relations, Medieval and Modern Indian History and on the “Lost Tribes of Israel in India”, has a unique personal and professional history, and has published on the topic of antisemitism in South Asia. Watch for a more detailed announcement tomorrow and then register for this important Web Talk.


CAEF’s Web Talk 2 was well received, with over 148 registrants eager to learn how the Iranian Regime was firing up its antisemitism by blaming Israel and the Jews for COVID 19. Guest presenter and specialist in Iranian policy, Alireza Nader, senior policy fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies provided insightful and dramatic information about the level of antisemitism in Iran, and confirmed antisemitism was a factor of Iranian life even before the 1979 revolution. However, Nader affirmed that the level and intensity of antisemitism is increasing, not decreasing, under the severest global crisis in decades.

Consider these facts:

  • Canada is providing a convenient refuge for wealthy regime supporting Iranians who influence federal and provincial politics.

  • The Canadian government has failed to list the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist entity, while it is so and has been so listed in the US, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. See call for Canada to do so too.

  • Iranian support organizations solicit funds in Canada to support Iran, which in turn is supporting Hezbollah, fighting in Syria and Lebanon, Hamas attacking Israel from Gaza and the Houthi fighting a war in Yemen. Yet the Iranian government cries poverty and insists that the EU and others help them with humanitarian aid. Also, note that billions of dollars have been stolen by the Iranian regime and hoarded by its upper echelon religious leadership. See: The Venezuela Project: Canadian man charged in alleged Iranian government money-laundering scheme

  • Despite the coronavirus having hit hard in Iran, the regime has found it convenient to increase the provision of funds to its military and religious establishments, thus reinforcing its position. Is Iran on the Brink of a Coronavirus Coup?

  • Despite knowing of the China coronavirus outbreak as early as December 2019 and having many inter-country exchanges with China, the regime chose NOT to impose any isolation policies, nor to close religious sites, nor to warn its people of the pandemic dangers. Rather it continued to deny the likely impact of COVID-19.

  • The regime initiated one of its tried and true antisemitic schemes recently, announcing a new international cartoon contest, the theme of which is the Zionists and COVID-19. The propaganda is ramping up, accusing Jews of having created a virus in order to take over the world.

Does this sound farfetched? Phoney baloney? Mythical soothsaying? Watch here

CAEF has an important role to play, challenging the hypocrites and liars, telling the truth and exposing Jew-hatred. Our most ambitious goal is to end Israel Anti-Apartheid Week on campuses.

We need your financial support to bring you expert speakers, expose the bigots, and conduct campaigns that expose the truth. Like many charities, we have challenges at this time.

CAEF Web Talk One on April 6th provided essential information for fighting antisemitism. Watch Yifa Segal, Director of the International Legal Forum: The IHRA, an Antidote to the Antisemitism Virus, here


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