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CAEF Weekly Bulletin - Heed the Call to Unite - July 17, 2019

Heed the Call to Unite

Adam Milstein

The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation stresses the importance, the absolute necessity, for all Jewish and non Jewish organizations fighting Anti-Zionism/Antisemitism to collaborate. To quote Adam Milstein, a major philanthropist and activist, who quoted earlier leaders, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” This should start to resonate with the manifold organizations competing for resources but committed to similar goals—while each must fundraise, we cannot stand divided.  Read more here

Our enemies love that we are divided, after all BDS is about dividing Israel from the rest of the world, anti-Israel Apartheid Week is about dividing Jewish university students from other students who stand apart from or against Israel. Now we have Jewish organizations dividing our youth and leadership, with such antithetical notions as IFNotNow. This spurious anti-Zionist organization seems well-funded but not well informed, and would have our Jewish youth believe the very worst about Israel, and think nothing of the mid to long term harm that they potentially evoke, increasing Israel’s vulnerability, isolation and degradation.  Read more here

It should worry us that these young people cannot distinguish between real justice and the vacuous notion of “social justice” that is propagated by antisemites as “intersectionality,” which has determined that Jews are never the subject of oppression, but always the oppressed. Thus a strong Israel must be an oppressor because in the lexicon of the ignorant, maleficent, Social Justice Warriors, it is strong at the expense of the weaker Arab Palestinians. So far is this from the truth.

Here are two videos that portray the truth; the former provides the history of “Palestine and Palestinians” and the latter about Israel and BDS.

Where Did The Palestinians Come From?

68 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Israel:

Israel isn’t perfect, but no country is. Israel has a people’s army that adheres to a higher code of moral conduct than that of any other country. Israel’s army is truly defensive and has only survived because of two things—the personal sacrifices made by its soldiers and their families in protecting Israel, and the technology and capability of excellence that it has developed. After the Jordanians who fought at Ammunition Hill lost the land they had seized in 1949, the Jordanian commander is noted as having said, his soldiers fought heroically, but Israel’s soldiers fought for their home. Jordan withdrew, signed a peace treaty, and for the most part has respected that treaty. A precious event was reported in 2012 when former combatants from the two armies, Israeli and Jordanian, met and shared memories and their mutual respect. Why then do not all Jewish children show the same respect to Israel that her former enemies do?

Acknowledgements and kudos

We are delighted to acknowledge the positive outcome of B’nai Brith Canada’s campaign to have Trinity-St.Paul’s United Church cancel an event that was to be sponsored by a terrorist-supporting organization, the Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) which intended to launch an arts scholarship in the name of a known terrorist, Ghassan Kanafani. He is a leading member of the designated terrorist entity, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). It’s not known yet where the event will be held, but likely the story hasn’t ended. However, we know that standing together, Jewish action brought this to the attention of the Church.  Read more here

We commend the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) for working with the Federal Government which lead to their incorporating the IHRA definition of Antisemitism in their new anti racism strategy. The next step for CIJA and all pro-Israel activists is to unite to urge the adoption of the definition and its founding principles by all levels of government, and by all government-funded institutions and agencies.  Read more here


Once upon a time, the percentage of Jews in the Canadian population was 2%, but it’s declining as Canada grows and Jews age; and have a small birth rate. Given our demographics, it’s astounding that Jews still have a significant impact in many fields, and of course it’s a testament to Jewish creativity, ingenuity, tenacity, and dedication to home and country.  It also makes us vulnerable to the dominant culture's biases and to growing minorities that have a traditional bias against Jews. Antisemitism must be strongly counteracted, Holocaust Education made mandatory, and the IHRA implemented to condemn and punish those promoting a BDS bias that treats Israel differently than all other nations in the world. (Working Definition of Antisemitism is here)

This data shows why we need to unite; only 1.2% of Canadian population.

Will Corbyn’s Brand of Antisemitism Cross the Pond?

By Daniel Bordman

Last week, a devastating piece on the Labour Party’s antisemitism aired on the BBC.  It showed testimony of dozens of Labour party insiders, Jewish former members and others, giving detailed accounts of the astounding levels of antisemitic Jew-hatred they experienced from the party.  Charges ranged from simple antisemitic harassment to outright cover ups/dismissals from the Labour Party committees investigating the claims.

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Party, has denied these numerous and consistent allegations, and people within the party have publicly mused that there is no real antisemitism in Labour and all the allegations stem from a vast global Zionist conspiracy.  However, this isn’t the real story. Read more here

Several stories worth repeating

The following articles have appeared in newspapers recently and been resent by other organizations or media, yet they bear repeating, as every person concerned about antisemitism needs to see support from non-Jews, not just the negative attacks and falsehoods about Israel.

Mark Vandermaas, Christian and former UN Peacekeeper, Official Lecturer for Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights, wrote for Canadian Jewish News : Read more here

Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights is a program of CAEF, publishing important historical and legal information regarding Jewish rights to All of Israel, events that are supporting and educating Jews and non-Jews in defense of Israel’s rights. Read July news here

Aayan Hirsi Ali, Somalian and ex-Muslim, former Dutch Parliamentarian, author and commentator wrote in Wall Street Journal.  Read more here

Honest Reporting proves there is NO Arab apartheid in Israel.  Be a champion, learn the Facts. Read more here

CAEF is co-sponsoring two lectures in Toronto on August 15th and September 8th by Professor Xu Xin, Judaic Studies Scholar.  Read more about Professor Xu Xin here

Attend one or both - Be amazed at the Jewish China stories.

Support our commitment to protecting Israel from AntiZionist Lies


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