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Canada Must Stop Funding Terrorism and Rewarding Murderers | CAEF Special Bulletin - March 9, 2023

This is no well-guarded secret, but an open display of disrespect and dehumanizing of Jewish lives. Canada spends over $27,000,000 a year funding UNRWA, an organization that teaches children through its maps that Israel does not exist, through texts and lectures that Israel is not legal, and lies that Israel is a settler-colonial apartheid state. No other people have a legitimate claim to sovereignty in Israel than the Jewish people, who have renewed and revitalized their ancient homeland.

The Canadian government must be held to account: It is doublespeak to condemn antisemitism while funding the very purveyors of the worst antisemitism in the world. How can the Canadian government, which talks of diversity, equity and inclusion, justify funding an organization that teaches that no Jew can live in Judea and Samaria, the heartland of Judaism? And how does it justify funding an organization that is committed to never settling the very people for whom it was established to serve, thus keeping Palestinian Arabs in a perpetual state of deprivation, dependence, and desperation?

Why has Canada not insisted on UNRWA’s fulfilling its mandate to settle Arabs displaced by the Arab war against the Jewish state, and why has Canada not countered the ludicrous claim that one can inherit refugee status, and why has Canada not demanded that the PA cancel its pay for slay law?

Canada contributes to rewarding the murder of innocents, of children, of foreigners, of parents, grandparents, and others because they are Jews. Sometimes those murdered are not Jews, but are caught in the crosshairs of militant terror seeking Palestinian Arabs intent on claiming their life time cash reward. Kill a Jew, earn a salary, become a martyr, have a school named after you, and get the US, Canada and the EU to take care of your family. Not a bad gig, right?

David Bedein, founder and Director of the Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research (BCNEPR) has spent decades researching the corrupt terrorist-oriented education offered in UNRWA schools under the Palestinian Authority’s approval, and the BCNEPR has produced shocking videos of the teaching of terror, training kids to be terrorists, active violence against Israelis, and the horror show that is the daily life of Arabs whose conditions are kept abominable by UNRWA and the Arab governments, NOT by Israelis. Visits to Lebanon, Jordan and Syria will show that they subject Arabs whose families fled Israel to second class status, and refuse them equal civil rights. A visit to a PA controlled town will show you that they keep some of their “refugee” constituents in rundown, neglected neighborhoods instead of spending donor funds on basic services, health care and education, so they can parade such neglect to the willfully ignorant westerners, media and politicians and cry poverty and oppression.

Read the Background document that provides context for the questions below and then write the Prime Minister, your MP, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, and tell the Government of Canada to:

STOP funding Jew hatred, terrorism, and the murder of Jews!

These questions need answering:

  1. Why does Canada not ask for the removal of hateful content from texts taught at United Nations schools?

  2. Why does Canada not insist that UNRWA instead offer a curriculum based on peace and reconciliation?

  3. Why does Canada not ask UNRWA to demand that youth clubs on UNRWA premises ceased and desist from violent incitement?

  4. Since Israel is a member state of the UN and an ally, why does Canada not insist that Israel be included in UNRWA maps?

  5. Why does Canada not ask for a weapons and ammunition inspection of UNRWA facilities on a regular basis?

  6. Why, then does Canada not endorse a Plan for the voluntary resettlement of UNRWA residents who wish to leave the squalid conditions of UNRWA refugee camps?

  7. Would Canada now condition funds for education until UNRWA makes the relevant changes in its schools?

  8. Since Canada lists Hamas as a terrorist group, why does Canada not demand the removal of Hamas from UNRWA?

  9. Will Canada seek to stem violent indoctrination of UNRWA youth, which violates the UN Statute on the rights of a child?

  10. Will Canada ask UNRWA to remove the vile murals that celebrate killing Jews?

  11. Will Canada finally call a meeting of the UN Refugee Working Group which it officially chairs?

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