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Canadian Social Work Curriculum Must Include Antisemitism: Sign Our Petition

The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation is collaborating with social workers to investigate both antisemitism as a topic that has historically been omitted from the social work curriculum, according to the social work literature, andto document the actual experience by students of antisemtism within university Social Work and Social Service Worker programs in Canada. We ask that Jews and non-Jews, students, grads, faculty members, community organizations, and everyone concerned about antisemitism sign our petition that covers the following 3 demands of the Canadian Association of Social Work Education (CASWE):

  1. that Jew hatred be included when matters of racism and discrimination, or equity, diversity, and inclusion (DEI) are covered in courses, programs or workshops;

  2. that the Social Work academic community require that any course on DEI include a unit on antisemitism in order for a program to be accredited and

  3. that the CASWE issue a statement condemning the recent rise in antisemitism.


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