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CAEF Bulletin - February 14, 2020

Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights Launches Information Campaign

On February 9th, the Jerusalem Post carried an exciting story about a campaign that takes the offensive to combat the occupation lie. Co-chairs, Goldi Steiner and Irving Weisdorf announced this project in conjunction with Im Tirtzu, a leading Zionist organization in Israel. Read all about it!!

Co-Chairs of Canadians for Israel's Legal Rights, Goldi Steiner (right) and Irving Weisdorf (left), with Israel's UN Ambassador Danny Danon.
Co-Chairs of Canadians for Israel's Legal Rights, Goldi Steiner (right) and Irving Weisdorf (left), with Israel's UN Ambassador Danny Danon.

A new public campaign aimed at "debunking the occupation lie" is launching this month in Israel and in Canada in the wake of the newly released "Deal of the Century."

The campaign is being implemented by Canadians for Israel's Legal Rights (CILR) in partnership with Israel's largest grassroots Zionist movement, Im Tirtzu, and seeks to dispel what the organizations have dubbed the “Big Occupation Lie.”

According to CILR and Im Tirtzu, the utterly baseless notion that Israel occupies "Palestinian land" is one of the most pernicious lies used to discredit, demonize, and delegitimize the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

"The 'Big Occupation Lie' has become the driving source of BDS and modern-day anti-Semitism," the organizations explained, "and with all the discourse surrounding the 'Deal of the Century,' it is critical to explain the simple truth that Jews are indigenous to the Land of Israel."

“Palestine” is a code word for the destruction of Israel

The author, Avi Abelow, in Israel Unwired, clearly identifies the goal of the Arab world that has rejected all offers for peace with Israel, and until recently, that pretty much included all but Jordan and Egypt. It also included dozens of Muslim countries that are not often enough mentioned by the media or politicians, but they are very important. At the UN, they are the largest voting block and as they made “Palestinian oppression” a common issue, so they made rejecting Israel, negating Jewish rights, claiming a non-existent “occupation” a cornerstone of their international relations policy. Of course the only oppressor of the Palestinian Arabs are the governing bodies in both Gaza (Hamas) and the disputed territories, (Fatah).

Israeli Political cartoonist, Yaakov Kirschen, is always current. I recommend readers sign up for his daily message, as he interprets current events with wisdom and wit.

Arab Violence Turns 100; Jews Celebrate San Remo 100

On January 31st, Amotz Asa-El pointed out in an article in The Jerusalem Post that the Deal of the Century (DOC) coincides with another rejection by the Palestinian Arabs who met the news with their usual rancor, threats and murderous violence.   The study of Israeli history must include the intransigence and rejection by Arab leaders that has prevailed for 100 years. This is not new. This is not caused by the existence of Israel. This is not the result of any action by Israel. This is the continuous response from a people that wants one result only—the elimination of any Jewish presence in the area.

Consider these maps below, not the maps of the DOC proposal nor the maps of Abbu Mazen, President of the Palestinian Authority. The man whose doctorate was a denial of the Holocaust. He has never recanted, he has only added to his daily flow of lies and antisemitism.

Palestine Mandate at the San Remo Conference

Great Britain's Division of the Mandated Area, 1921-1923

Anti-Israel Academia

Western democracies have taken a great many years to conclude that antisemitism isn’t the purview of just the extreme right, but it also pervades the extreme left and that includes our sacred liberal institutions like universities, halls of justice, news media, academic associations and more. It is convenient to ignore or deny this and focus only on white nationalism, neo-Nazism, and “populism” assuming these are dangerous movements. They are, but for example, populism gave us both the current New Democratic Party (NDP), formerly the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) in Canada and the Social Credit Party, ultimately merged with the Progressive Conservatives.

Today, we ignore at our peril, the antisemitism on the Left which has taken over many departments of humanities, social sciences, Middle East studies, gender, ethnic and race studies, and other areas of “intellectual pursuits.” Instead of educating young people to investigate, debate, and consider differing views, many academics are teaching hate and lies, untruths about Israel and the Arab population, disdain for the nation state of the Jews, antisemitic tropes about the people, ahistorical information about indigneity of the Jews, and they bitterly oppose Israel’s existence, supporting instead the BDS movement aimed at her destruction. Consider this article by the blogger Abu Yehuda, an American who made Aliyah and  also publishes under his name Victor Rosenthal.


Support our commitment to protect Israel from AntiZionist Lies

CAEF promotes adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism which includes Anti-Zionism = Antisemitism. We respond to issues that affect the Jewish people and Israel, promote understanding across faiths and cultures, educate about the Jewish people’s legal rights to the land of Israel.


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