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Community Statement: Stand with the Jewish Community in the Face of Antisemitism

Standing Up Against Antisemitism

The past 30 years of failed Jewish leadership was the subject of an outstanding presentation by Dr. Charles Jacobs in the CAEF Web Talk on June 3rd which is shown below. What to do about it is the concern of everyone in the Jewish communities of both the US and Canada, and Jacobs provides a few suggestions. Most notably, he identifies very clearly how the leftist/Islamist alliance along with alt right elements threaten both Jews and our precious democracy. He explains how the left influence seeped into and took over the majority mainstream media, academia, even public schools, the entertainment sector and the Democratic Party of the US.

First step: identify the forces of Jew hatred, and how Israel has become their “Jew among the nations”, stop compromising with the haters and pretending that “going along to get along” will result in a secure Jewish future, stand up and call out the evil haters, and work collectively and with focus and commitment for Israel and the Jewish people. From CAEF’s perspective this means: demand action not platitudes from all levels of government, educate society at large on the truth about Israel’s history and Jewish rights, form ally-ships with trustworthy partners in all communities of faith, ethnicity, political stripe, and stay focused on the goal, to End Jew Hatred.

The good news that CAEF is pleased to share, is the statement below issued by 120 Jewish organizations in Canada—READ IT, POST IT, SHARE IT, ACT ON IT


Stand with the Jewish Community in the Face of Antisemitism

The past month has been extremely difficult for Canadian Jews. We have witnessed Jewish businesses boycotted, Jewish organizations targeted, Jewish students intimidated, and Jewish citizens assaulted, all ostensibly triggered by the recent conflict between Hamas, an organization long recognized by Canada as a terrorist entity, and Israel.

What is most frightening is not the brazen assaults, vandalism and harassment our community has endured – as terrible as they have been – but the reluctance of many Canadians to stand in solidarity with their fellow citizens who are under attack.

Antisemitism, especially in its modern guise of anti-Zionism, is not simply an issue of masked extremists who beat Jews and destroy their property. It is also an issue of some of our society’s most esteemed institutions – universities, school boards, political parties, unions, the media – ignoring Jew hatred, and in so doing, providing cover for it.

How else are we to consider the fact that there are dozens of news articles detailing “peaceful” anti-Israel protests across Canada that failed to mention the explicit calls for violence against Jews or the actual violence against Jews that took place at these events?

“Anti-Zionists” claim they are not antisemitic, that they are merely criticizing Israel and its supporters. This argument is false.

  • When Canadian Jews are demonized and targeted for supporting Israel, that is antisemitism.

  • When in the name of criticizing Israel, anti-Zionists pelt Canadian Jews with stones, that is antisemitism.

  • When Jewish businesses in Canada are boycotted, that is antisemitism.

  • When Jewish youth are subjected to merciless harassment and bullying online, that is antisemitism.

When Canadian institutions whitewash or simply ignore these acts, this too contributes to antisemitism.

As the ceasefire in the Middle East takes hold, the protests in Canada may eventually subside. But it is clear that antisemitism persists in our country - a toxic threat that must be combated not just by Canada’s Jewish community, but by our entire society.

We call on our fellow Canadians to stand up to antisemitism in all of its forms and to challenge it wherever and whenever it rears its ugly head.

Hate of any kind has no place in our country.

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