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Do More to End Jew Hatred - CAEF Bulletin, June 11, 2021

Every Voice Counts

If you don’t want the premise of this book to be true-DO something!

This book by David Baddiel, published by Harper Collins is described thusly: Jews Don’t Count is a book for people who consider themselves on the right side of history. People fighting the good fight against homophobia, disablism, transphobia and, particularly, racism. People, possibly, like you.

It is the comedian and writer David Baddiel’s contention that one type of racism has been left out of this fight. In his unique combination of close reasoning, polemic, personal experience and jokes, Baddiel argues that those who think of themselves as on the right side of history have often ignored the history of anti-Semitism. He outlines why and how, in a time of intensely heightened awareness of minorities, Jews don’t count as a real minority: and why they should.


May was the Worst Month on Record for Antisemitism

On a personal level, it is heartbreaking to see or hear the news every morning of more antisemitic acts in our country, to read of the global rise in antisemitism, to hear the lies and tropes against Israel which are not related to anything but Jew hatred, and to feel propelled into a whorl of hatred that is spinning out of control. Being accused of fear mongering, exaggeration or imagination is a reminder that it was thus in Germany and other parts of Eastern Europe, where deniers and liars failed to stop the pogroms and then the Holocaust. Silence is complicity.

Read these important Canadian news stories, here and here.

Here is a call to all Canadians from Michael Mostyn, President and CEO of B’nai Brith Canada, and must be taken seriously.

Read the excerpt, then read the entire article published in the National Post on May 25th, 2021

We have just witnessed a wake-up call for Canadian Jewry. There is a palpable fear from within our community that Jewish life here is becoming unsafe. I have never had so many individuals contact me to question their personal safety after witnessing the shocking anti-Semitic incidents of recent days.

In community forums, people are indicating their fear for the future of their children and grandchildren in this country. That some would even seriously consider emigrating to Israel at this time — while the image of Israel being bombarded by thousands of Hamas rockets are fresh in our minds — indicates just how pessimistic many Canadian Jews are suddenly becoming about their families’ long-term prospects.

From The National Post

Read this article on soaring antisemitism in the US.

CAEF takes action and advocates on issues of antisemitism with the government, media and universities. See this week’s letters here, here, here and here.


Know the Truth—It is Your Responsibility!

The Real History of the Jewish Peoplewatch this video, know it, share it. This amusingly presented video is powerful in conveying Jewish history. Amos Sochaczevski, one its two creators encourages all of us, Jewish and non- Jewish to share this—teach truth. There are many ways to teach it but truth is not divisible, not opinion, nor a narrative. This is historical reality.

Atlas of the Jewish Arab Conflict -- by Shaul Arieli is an incredible source of historical info—maps that tell the story. Here is a description of the report produced by the Truman Institute.

The Israeli-Palestinian con­flict has already raged for a century, and will probably continue to be the chief concern of the two peoples that live in Israel/Palestine (ed. There is no country called Palestine but it’s understood here to mean parts of Judea and Samaria) for many years to come. This atlas covers a clear and concise explanation of the development of the conflict in its various aspects, focusing particularly on territorial, demographic, and diplomatic aspects. It begins with the start of modern Jewish immigration to the country and ends at the present day. Dozens of colored maps present a wealth of information in an accessible form, providing a clear graphic illustration of the historical course of the confl­ict. Concise accompanying texts enhance the maps and create a credible and informative historical narrative. This atlas is intended for anyone who is interested or engaged in the history of the confl­ict and can benefit from an effective tool to this end. The author of the atlas, Dr. Shaul Arieli, is one of the leading experts in Israel on the history of Israel’s borders and the development of the Middle East con­flict. Yoram Ettinger—presents Palestinian Demographic Manipulation. Ettinger is a retired Israeli Ambassador and a scholar, Executive Director of "Second Thought: A US - Israel Initiative," a foundation dedicated to education through out-of-the-box thinking on US-Israel relations, Middle East affairs, the Palestinian issue, Jewish-Arab demographics.


The Palestinians No One Talks About

By Dogan Akman

The mass media has been implicitly or explicitly, by laziness, willful ignorance or sheer prejudice and other moral and intellectual handicaps has been pummelling Israel and Israelis, and in the process has become a source that feeds antisemitism, anti-Zionism that incites Canadians with similar states or frames of mind to engage in ignorant and vile (i&v) behaviour against the Jewish community and its members; their institutions and businesses.

In the process, the mass media and these i&v Canadians who do not know, rather not know or cannot be bothered enough to learn about the sorrowful lives and hopeless fates of Palestinians living in some Arab countries. And if they happen to know, they do not care about it enough to give a hand to help alleviate their plight. In the meantime, the mass media and all Canadians cheer the large sums donated to UNRWA which is under the thumb of Hamas and functions in accordance with its perfidious wishes and demands and some of those of those of the government of the corrupt Palestinian Authority. I leave this topic for another day.


In this updated version of the famous quote by Martin Niemöller, German Christian theologian, we invite Jews and non-Jews to take action.

Join End Jew Hatred Canada.


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