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Durban, Divestment, Disgusting - CAEF Bulletin Aug 27, 2021


A strategy of divesting from companies that do business in Israel is the same as a boycott of Jewish businesses.

Where have we seen that before? In the 1930s in Germany and the signs read: “Help liberate Germany from Jewish capital. Don't buy at Jewish stores.”

Today, in a variety of countries:

The ongoing campaign to single out and target "Israeli" businesses for divestment is an attempt to hurt the Jewish state. It is driven by an agenda other than peace. It is dishonest, hypocritical and wrong.

-Thomas L. Friedman



Word Crimes and Whitewashing

Consider the words our enemies use, the appropriation and inversion of words, such that Israel which values freedom and democracy is vilified by those who don’t and the appellate “apartheid” applied to her. Yet the real apartheid is more or less practiced and enshrined in policies of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas which prohibit land sales to Jews and want a country that forbids Jews from living in lands under Islamist control.

One of the really humorous, though serious claims of the Jew haters is that Israel “pinkwashes” its crimes by promoting its tolerance, acceptance and civil liberties for LGBTQ folks. Honestly idiotic, because LGBTQ Arabs are not safe in their own countries, nor any Muslim country, and often seek refuge in Israel. So, how about other words used by our enemies to describe their antithetical use of words like freedom, justice, peace? In an article by Paul Gherkin published in the, August 19, 2021, we get a glimpse of how language is a tool of warfare. Some of the words needing clarity are: “martyr,” “Arab Land,” “Free Palestine.”


A Message of Positivity

Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario passed the following resolution at its General Session on August 17, 2021

Cancel Deplorable Durban IV

There needs to be a rally cry across Western democratic countries to demand the UN cancel the 20th anniversary event at UN headquarters in NY that will mark the notorious Durban I conference of 2001, where globalist Jew haters launched their campaign against Israel and the Jews. The World Conference on Racism became the world conference to promote antisemitism, and unleashed an avalanche of racism, intolerance, antisemitism and Holocaust denial, with a goal to erode freedom of speech and Israel’s right to exist. Durban II and III likewise flaunted irrationality and lies with leaders from some of the world’s worst dictatorships given a platform to spread their hatred.

Canada did not attend Durban II or III and will not attend Durban IV, nor will the following countries: US, Australia, UK, Israel, Hungary, Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, France, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. Italy and New Zealand also decried the Durban process and the antisemitic resolution. But what does it say about the other 180+ countries that plan to attend?

CAEF and End Jew Hatred deplore this disgusting UN sponsored event, which is intended only to do harm not good, and promote racism/antisemitism against the Jewish state. We are launching a digital campaign in September to counter the Durban message, a call to cancel it, and to denounce the lies. If you would like to participate, let us know at

You can read more here and sign the petition of UN Watch



As the academic year approaches and young adults contemplate the excitement, challenges, friendships, new experiences that university portends, Jewish youth need also prepare for the barrage of lies, harassment and antisemitism that is increasing and increasingly blatant on campuses across North America.

Below are three items to share with students, parents, educators:


Get the Truth, Destroy the Myths

Hot Takes with Hila on JTV is worth your time to watch. This young woman states the truth, tackles the lies and calls out the haters, conspirators, liars.


Details Ignored by the Media

The unrepentant, unrelenting Jew-hating Hamas terrorists are disruptive enough that Egypt has closed its border with Gaza. Did any media happen to notice that Egypt is trying to deal with the terrorists? Israel gets the brunt of the Islamist wickedness and is in a constant state of readiness for war, defends its civilians and is criticized by the media?

The Muslim Brotherhood is banned in several Arab Muslim countries including Egypt and Saudi Arabia, yet they are active on the borders and within Israel, and their militant wings are carrying out terrorism around the world. Whether by Shia proxy as with Hezbollah in Lebanon or Sunni proxies of the Muslim Brotherhood in its many guises, such as the Taliban, Al Queda, ISIS or Hamas, the goal is the same—destroy the Western liberal democratic way of life.


Advocacy and Action


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