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End Jew Hatred Project Led by CAEF

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Mission/principles of the movement

We are part of a grassroots movement centering on Jewish liberation from all forms of oppression and discrimination. We are working to eliminate Jew hatred from Western culture through peaceful direct action and education.

Vision/goals of the movement

A world without Jew Hatred. Rewiring society at large so Jew hatred is no longer an acceptable part of society while making End Jew Hatred a just cause that all speak up against.

Strategic actions

  • Empowering Jews to rise to the challenge of bigotry

  • Empower young Jews with positive views and the strength to discover and enjoy their heritage in whichever manner they choose, without fear of attack or persecution

  • Creation and proliferation of a decentralized local community-based leadership structure where local Jewish communities are supported by on the ground activists and leaders

  • Support peaceful direct action to secure justice for Jews including political, financial and legal means

  • Demand that leaders deal with Jew hatred and antisemitic harassment the same way as they would respond to all other forms of bigotry

Re Israel and Zionism

We support Jewish national sovereignty. Zionism is our political and national liberation movement and we will not be told to reject it. We support Jewish national sovereignty. We will not be entangled in Middle Eastern politics and we repudiate the requirement for Jews to defend or reject the policies of Israel as a condition of acceptance. Nor do we accept the right of non-Jews to attack Jewish self-sovereignty and political redemption. Instead, we work to decolonize Jewish life and Jewish bodies.

Applying the movement to the situation in Canada

Here in Canada, as elsewhere, we see that Jews have supported the social justice movements for Black rights, equality for gays and even climate change. Yet today, there seems to be no room on the left for or concern about Jew hatred which continues to proliferate.

By making End Jew Hatred a just cause that all speak up against proactive and organizing locally we can change this recognizing that Jew hatred is systemic and subconscious.

CAEF's role

CAEF will be a leading voice organizing the proliferation of the social justice movement here in Toronto and across Canada.


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