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Ending Jew Hatred—More than a Full Time Job | CAEF Bulletin March 5, 2021

Jew Haters are very Creative—What is the Response?

Every day there is a new antisemitic incident, every week there are serious consequences, and year over year the rate of antisemitism seems to increase. Should Jews respond to every incident? Are some more grievous and worrisome? Are all who express antisemitic views really Jew haters or ignorant followers and robotic repeaters, people seeking to be part of something they don’t even understand?

Does it make a difference and should the response vary?

CAEF doesn’t have the resources to respond to so many incidents, nor to even monitor all the hate online, in the street, within institutions, and repeated in the mainstream media. There is no one organization that can do this, so we pick and prioritize those that we feel our readers need to know about and we act on those which have a more direct objective against which to send a message. We collaborate wherever possible with other organizations and support the efforts of others who take the lead, whether by petition, letter writing, action or publication. We wish there was a body trying to coordinate an overall strategic approach to fighting antisemitism across Canada or even locally.

We are saddened to acknowledge that there are Jewish NGOs working against the greater good of our community, trying to inhibit Jewish responses to Jew hatred when it is masquerding as anti-Zionism, and objecting to enlightened calls for institutions and governments to adopt the IHRA definiation of antisemitism that would actually protect Jews from discrimination and hold accountable those who are propagating it. CAEF is asking readers to be aware of this dichotomous situation and to be critical discerning and questioning thinkers when deluged with many conflicting messages.

We invite you to attend a webinar on March 18th by a leading Israeli NGO leader, Matan Peleg, CEO of Im Tirtzu who will speak about Confronting Israelis and Israeli NGOs that are antiZionist, and how this fuels antisemitism. Register now.

An example of the worst antisemitism an NGO can exhibit is support for actions by the Palestinian Authority that endanger the lives of innocent people--their pay-to-slay policy. Below is an excerpt from Palestinian Media Watch which highlights the associated PR propaganda of the Palestinian Authority that some antisemitic NGOs support ie holding Israel responsible for vaccinating Arabs under PA's jurisdictional responsibiliity when that governing body would not arrange for vaccines but continued to spend millions on terror, thus undermining the health and safety of their own people.

"Palestinian Media Watch reports that during 2020, the Palestinian Authority continued to pay salaries to terrorist prisoners, hiding the salaries under the budget line of “PLO institutions.” The total payments in 2020 to terrorist prisoners and released prisoners were at least 512 million shekels, which is over $156 million.

There are about 4.5 million people under Palestinian rule, of which about 2.5 million are over 20 years old.

For $156 million, the PA could have purchased two doses of the Moderna vaccine at an expensive $30 a dose for every adult Palestinian. For the Russian Sputnik-V vaccines, they could have purchased enough for every single citizen of any age at $10 a dose and still had $66 million left over for other critical expenses.

Instead, they pay terrorist salaries, on a sliding scale, where the more Jews they attacked roughly means more money from their government.

One of the arguments that anti-Israel activists use to justify their demand that Israel provide free vaccines for Palestinians is that the Palestinians cannot afford to buy their own without wrecking their economy. These people seem to agree that it is more important for Palestinians to pay terrorists than to pay for vaccines."


What is Progressive about Antisemitism?

The following was sent to Mr. Jagmeet Singh, Leader of the NDP and Mr. Vic Mathieu, President of the NDP, on CAEF's learning that Niki Ashton, NDP MP from BC is scheduled to participate in a dialogue with former UK Labour Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, at the upcoming Progressive International Conference. The Progressive International founded in 2018 by a collaboration of the Sanders Institute and Democracy in Europe Movement (DiEM25) states its purpose is to unite progressive forces to transform the world. CAEF asks—how is associating with someone who promotes antisemitism a progressive or transformative position?

CAEF also examined some of the resolutions coming forward at the NDP convention that have been submitted by the Socialist wing of the party. Several are blatantly antisemitic and frankly disgusting. While we recognize and appreciate that Jagmeet Singh, Leader of the NDP has supported IHRA and opposes BDS, he must take more concrete action to cleanse the party of Jew hatred.

CAEF's sent this article on March 4th, 2021 to Mr. Jagmeet Singh cc Mr. Vic Mathieu

Niki Ashton, NDP MP for Churchill-Keewatinook Aski, has a reputation for supporting dictators and tyrants (National Post, Nov 28, 2020) so it is unlikely that Jagmeet Singh, Leader of the NDP, would not have expected more of her regressive behavior and this week she hit the lowest bar ever—choosing to be associated with the United Kingdom’s #1 antisemite, Jeremy Corbyn, former leader of the Labour Party.

Under Corbyn the Party was so aggressively antisemitic it forced Jewish members to leave or collapse under the tyranny of Jew hatred.

An independent review of the UK Labour Party under Corbyn found there were truly grievous acts of Jew hatred expressed by party members, acts by Corbyn himself that demonstrated ill will towards the nation of Israel, the only Jewish state, support for terrorists who had endangered the lives of Israelis, and the constant use of oblique tropes that stereotype Jews, making it clear that racism against Jews is part of the worldview of Corbyn who was kicked out of his Party for undermining its original values. So, is this the new young face of the NDP in Canada? Is this how “progressivism” is to be expressed in the NDP of today?


Be Aware of the Dangers Jews Face in Europe, and Solutions

Below is a letter from a reader in France.

Paris on February, 2021-02-17

Dear Madame Spindel,

Here in France, land of the Shoah among others, we are always and for a long time in the Shoah, especially as the premises of new anti-Jewish persecutions are very present.

In 1941, before the military and moral defeats of France, I was 10 years old and I had already been assaulted in a very good lysée, very chic, and injured by my anti-Semitic classmates, but no Jews had yet been killed in the country.

Now in 2021, this stage is totally over, 11 Jews have already been killed, and tens of thousands more attacked, many injured.

In France in 2.020, there were = 5,730 serious anti-Semitic acts reported to the authorities for 65 million French people. In Canada in 2,020, there were 2,207 anti-Semitic acts, for a population of approximately 35 million Canadians, and by comparison X 2 = 4,414, or in proportion to the French population, more or less the same number as in France.

But there is a big difference: Anti-Semitic acts in Canada are, and I am happy for it, much less deadly than those in France, the reason I am thinking is because of the Anglo / Saxon culture of your country, the acts against Jews are much more 'vexatious' than physical.

All this to explain that we, the Survivors of Europe, have passed the stage of valuing the good behavior of certain people, which we did for a while, but to try to protect ourselves and to fight against the violence of anti-Semitism in France. Now we ask ourselves questions about our future in this country that we have adored and served, at least for my family for over 1014.

Obviously we congratulate CAEF and yourself for having very well organized programs and bringing issues forward.

Please accept, Dear Madam, my best regards,


On March 9th, CAEF is presenting a webinar entitled Is there Justice for Jews in Europe? with Guest, Sacha Roytman-Dratwa, CEO of Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM), and we urge everyone to Register.

CAM has reached far and wide across the globe to identify leaders in the fight against antisemitism, urged adoption of IHRA by countries, universities, and other institutions, and sought out student leaders to bring forward issues and has been shining a light on antisemites and working to change the landscape. Recently CAM hosted an International Summit with speakers from several faiths, countries, and communities, presented by students, politicans and academics, and also honoured the former American Special Envoy on Combating Antisemitism, Elan Carr. CAEF contributed its own video message to thank Mr. Carr. Access any or all of the presentations here.


Tackling Antisemitism at U of T

Hillel U of T expressed outrage that the University of Toronto Graduate Students’ Union (UTGSU) has doubled down on its discriminatory BDS policy. Following a university complaints panel ruling, instructing the union to stop using student money to pursue boycotts of Israel, the UTGSU leadership said they would ignore the directive.

CAEF strongly urges support for this Hillel petition If you are concerned about the anti-Israel activities of the Graduate Students’ Union. Please sign Hillel’s letter urging the administration to take immediate action to hold the UTGSU accountable.


Six Accusations Against the Jews

Lies are repeated decade after decade, century after century, and ClubZ was created to present the truth. Watch this powerful video.

Share it now and share it widely. CAEF is partnering with ClubZ to help educate our people--youth, adults, and grand-adults.


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