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For People in Toronto -- Three Important Events to Support

Calling All Women

For International Women’s Month

Take a Stand Against Hate

Esteemed Speakers, Music and Much More


APRIL 7, 2024 marks 6 months since Hamas invaded Israel, conducted a massacre and kidnapped hostages who are still being held in tunnels in Gaza and suffering daily abuses.

On April 7, the Canadian Anisemitism Education Foundation and Canadians for Israel, a grassroots group, in conjunction with the Hostages and Missing Families Forum, will participate in a Global Event to bring attention to the hostages and the barbaric acts of Hamas. We will connect with people in Tel Aviv.

On March 26th, you can help raise funds for the April 7 event by showing up at an Arts and Music Event, donate to CAEF to help defray costs of the Global Event. Donate and Register

You will receive a charitable receipt and will be sent information about the April 7 Global Event.


Don't Miss this Important Program with Leading International Expert, Dr. Jacques Gauthier


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