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Hate on the Street; Lies on the Campus; Wilful Ignorance in Government

We might start with a thermometer to measure the daily temperature of Jew hatred that is imperiling life in Canada. Jews can no longer ignore or scoff at antisemitic lapses from reporters, or cocktail witticisms at their expense, or false narratives that are spread by the unwittingly ill-informed “social justice warriors.” These folks are part of the pattern that is engulfing large swaths of civil society, student movements, churches, unions, left-wing academics and politicians, right wing nut bars, leftist media pundits, and Islamic fundamentalists.

Here are the words of a member of CAEF who boldly and courageously went out on the streets of Ottawa last evening to monitor the hate fest organized as part of a Day of Rage by “Palestinian” supporters who demonstrated against Israel which is defending itself from terrorists, and who claim that Israel is on stolen land that must be returned to Arabs, and Jews must all vacate.

“I am fearful - as a Jew - in Canada… more now, than ever before … at the rally - I was the only Jew present… and knew - in my very soul - that were I not wearing my protective COVID mask and bike helmet - (while standing next to my bike)… my life could be very quickly “worthless" - in my own country... that I could easily be beaten with flag poles - before police could step in to save my life - but not necessarily my damaged body .. in a sea of Palestinians and their Canadian supporters ... The scene made me nauseatingly stressed and uncomfortable as more and more of them arrived… some shrouded completely - with nothing but a slit for eyes. . . many in the mandatory fisherman’s net scarves or kafiyas… I felt - as if I were in the Old City of Jerusalem during the call to prayer… when one has to leap out of the way due to the crush of those rushing through the narrow streets to prayer - intentionally crashing into Jews and tourists as they gang by... This is not the Canada in which I have worked so hard my entire life...“

This was held, ironically, at the Human Rights Monument in Ottawa, on June 15th, 2021—spreading falsehoods, whipping up anger and protesting the very existence of a democratic country which has never been any state but a Jewish state, and was illegally occupied by those who conquered her and vanquished the Jews. But how dare Jews return? How dare Israel claim legitimacy though granted it in 1920 at the San Remo Conference, in 1922 by the League of Nations and in 1947 by the United Nations? Were not Syria, Iraq, Transjordan, Lebanon all created at the same time?

These photos illustrate the lies and discrimination that counter the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of Antisemitism, so should be prohibited from the streets of our country. Canada adopted IHRA, Ontario adopted IHRA, Quebec adopted IHRA, so must we wait for every province and city to wake up to Jew hatred and adopt and implement the globally recognized definition of Jew hatred?? Will no action be taken until someone gets hurt? And even then?

Notice the insinuated connection between Israeli behavior and Black Lives Matter’s iconic message. The only threat to quality of life for Gazans is Hamas, a listed terrorist organization committed to the destruction of Israel and annihilation of Jews. Behind the falsehoods of the pro-Palestinian movement is hatred, and I reckon it is hatred for Arabs as well as for Jews, for the rockets from Gaza did not distinguish between Israelis based on faith or race, and the wounding and murder of Gazans by Hamas far exceeds any damage inflicted by Israel.

York University’s Nathanson Centre hosted a virtual program on June 15th, 2021 that was very loaded against Israel, defended critical race theory (a seriously flawed ideology) and argued that Jews had interfered with the decision of the Law Faculty at the University of Toronto to NOT hire Dr. Valentina Azarova, who is antisemitic to an extreme degree, and should never be considered for a post in Canada, let alone to head a program on human rights.

The title on this webinar is What the hell happened at the University of Toronto law school? Truly, what is happening at U of T, which is home of the most radically antisemitic global program, the infamous Israel Apartheid Week and now the radically ignorant Faculty Association that condemned the decision of the Dean of Law?

Listen to the speakers here and note these are educators to avoid, to boycott, to limit your children and grandchildren’s exposure too as they poison minds and teach lies.

Listen if you can stomach this and note: “According to the president of the U of T faculty association president, she experienced “unending harassment and psychological warfare where those of us who were supportive of the principles at stake at the heart of the censure experienced horrible backlash by an entitled, powerful, Zionist minority…” This is a claim that is unprincipled—Jews defending themselves are accused of harassment, and we have to acknowledge her not very creative use of trite anti-Jewish tropes, eg “powerful Zionist minority.”

Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) has published an article about the censure from the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) , so shockingly attacking the university for making a rational, reasoned decision, that doesn’t support their false narrative of events and their hatred of Israel.

Are we going to hear from Prime Minister Trudeau that he erred in welcoming Jenica Atwin, former Green Party MP from Fredericton, who has suddenly changed her position since joining the Liberal Party and being called out for her anti-Israel position, repeatedly stated on twitter?

Read this Globe and Mail June 14th report and judge for yourself if MP Atwin is truly converted, balanced or seeking to make amends with the Jewish community.


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