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It is a Religious War, NOT a War about Land | CAEF Bulletin, July 08, 2024

Israel Could be Fighting on Seven Sides

Watch Dr. Mordechai Kedar in conversation with Avi Abelow: Israel Must Beware of Egypt


Anti-Palestinian Racism States One Cannot Say There is no State of Palestine.

There is no Palestinian state and has never in history been one.

To quote Luai Ahmed, a former Islamist: “The entire concept of the so-called palestinian nation is a fiction that was invented back in the 60’s in order to pressure the State of Israel to buckle against international pressure for a made-up humanitarian cause.”

“What unifies much of the world is not genuine concern for human rights as much as it is animosity towards the Jewish people. But until October 2023, it wasn’t fashionable to say it loud and clear.”

Watch Luai Ahmed, interviewed by Eylon Levy, as reported on J-TV,  explain the basis for Islamism and the false issues of those claiming to be “pro-Palestinian.”


Battling Antisemitism in the Public Schools

As reported by Rebel News, “Cheryl Gould is one of the few teachers who has been brave enough to speak out against the indoctrination of children in Canadian schools, and she has now paid the price. During a union meeting, Cheryl criticized the use of tax dollars to gift a book advocating for modern-day segregation written by a radical left-wing Marxist titled 'So You Want to Talk About Race' to teaching staff.

Her colleagues called her 'racist' as a result. Soon after, one of them reported her for posting anti-Marxist satire on social media under a pseudonym.”

"Revolutionary Marxism does not have a history of making society better, even for the marginalized."  What Gould said is only the truth, but she is paying the price for saying it.

While her criticism was not focused on the antisemitism of the woke- left-Marxist ideology, it is imperative that parents, educators, tax-payers realize the overall danger of this race-based view of the world.

Critical Race Theory and its DEI driven policies represent ideological intrusion in education and foster divisiveness not inclusion. Often DEI introduces harassment practices, such as requiring kids to self-identify, on the basis of their skin colour, as either an oppressor or oppressed. This is nonsense and it is racist. It usually treats Jews as white oppressors and Israel as an apartheid state; all of which is depressingly antisemitic.

Read the Jewish Institute for Liberal Values suggestions for addressing the latest barrage of antisemitic intrusion into the classroom, “Anti-Palestinian Racism”, a new concocted category of discrimination aimed at suppressing Jewish history, the truth about Israel and evidence of antisemitism. The document includes a report on how APR has made its way into the Toronto District School Board.

Shimon Fogel, President and CEO of Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), writing in the National Post,  addressed the antisemitic push to adopt APR, Anti-Palestinian Racism, as a strategy to erase Jewish identify and relationship to Israel.


Media Bias Ignores Hamas Crimes Against Gazans

In an article published on July 1, 2024 in Newsweek, Hamza Howidy, asks, Why Does the Media Ignore Hamas' Crimes Against Palestinians? Howidy, a Palestinian Arab from Gaza City writes:

“This absence of Hamas's crimes against Palestinians in the media is not for want of evidence. Many Gazans have raised concerns about the brutality of this regime, which they have witnessed first hand. And not just witnessed; there have been many videos posted on social media platforms showing Gazans criticizing Hamas and blaming Hamas for the current disastrous situation in Gaza.

The sad truth is, when Israelis aren't involved, no one is interested in advocating for the Palestinian rights they claim to care about so deeply.”

United with Israel (UWI), is global Jewish network, founded in 2011 to support Israel and offer truth to combat media bias. Its reach is now over 10 million and its message is simple: Join the movement, take action. UWI provides “content via its website, social media, phone apps, browser apps, emails, newsletters and more – bypassing the mainstream media and its anti-Israel bias.”

Sign the petition United Against Antisemitism


The October 7 Coalition (O7C)

In a sea of celebrities who have been completely silent, or worse, Patricia Heaton, of Everybody Loves Raymond, took an immediate stand in support of the Jewish community, Patricia’s immediate and outspoken presence has not wavered. She created O7C (October 7th Coalition), a Christian network,  to stand against antisemitism and to invite her Christian brothers and sisters, and anyone else who cares about Jews, to join her. At a time when hate is growing and brave voices are shrinking, the Jewish community is very grateful to have allies at O7C!

Click here to watch Patricia Heaton in conversation with Archie Gottesman, founder of JewBelong interviewed by Chris Cuomo, another terrific ally!


Bring Back Goldie

A significant gathering of Jews and Iranians rallied outside of the Provincial parliament buildings on July 1st demanding the re-instatement of Goldie Ghamari, MPP who has bravely stood up against Islamism, declared freedom for Iranians, supported Israel and the Jewish community and condemned all forms of antisemitism. She is a great friend of democracy lovers, and no friend of the radical Islamists that illegally rule Iran and have fellow travelers in Canada who show disdain for Canada and Canadian values.

Recently, Goldie Ghamari was kicked out of the provincial Conservative caucus for having spoke to another freedom loving activist. British Tommy Robinson. He has been deemed radical right so her contact with him was deemed Islamophobic by the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) which lobbied the Premier to expel her. Goldie is well regarded and must be brought back, as a freedom-loving representative of her Carleton riding, and of the Iranian Canadians who fled Islamist terror in Iran. She is by no means anti-Muslim.

Photos from Bring Goldie Ghamari Back Rally


University Response Uneven, Ineffective, Delayed

U of T finally has the King’s Circle encampment removed, a small belated win. The administration delayed taking any action for some weeks, provided porta-potties to the squatters, tolerated irresponsible hateful posters and chants, disruption of life on campus and discrimination against Jews. They even advised of negotiating objectives with the messengers of hate. That the messages were hateful, discriminatory and antisemitic can hardly be debated; calls for the intifada to continue, calls for Hamas to resist, calls to eradicate Israel, lies about a genocide, and the usual profoundly stupid messages like, Queers for Palestine, Jews Against Genocide. Gays wouldn’t survive in Gaza and there is no verifiable genocide taking place thought that is indeed the goal of Hamas and its patron Iran.

While access to the encampment was denied during its two month squat and Jewish students and faculty were intimidated and requested an active intervention, on Monday an injunction was finally executed and the university advised that if people did not leave by 6pm, the police would remove them.

They left. Besides burning through the lawn, destroying a central circle, here are some of the messages left behind by the illegal, antisemitic, pro-Hamas, “parasitized” hooligans who should be made to pay for the damage, the security costs, the restoration costs and even the porta-potties.

Photos of U of T Lawn marked with messages


The Truth, Once and For All

Many Christian Zionist organizations stand with Israel, pray for Israel, financially support programs and projects that benefit Israel and spread truth.

Christians United for Israel (CUFI) is one such major international organizations. CUFI-UK offered this informative podcast, a conversation between Alex and Alastair who discuss “the alarming story of a 12-year-old Jewish boy reported to counter-terrorism police for saying that he wished for Hamas to be destroyed. They also share about the Israeli plane that Turkish authorities refused to refuel when it made an emergency landing. Plus, they prove Israel's critics wrong by explaining how Israel is providing extensive aid for Gaza, but the UN is failing to do its job.”

CAEF extends thanks and appreciation to the Christian leaders in the Greater Toronto Area who signed this Letter of Solidarity with the Jewish People.


9 Months in Hell Rally - Toronto - Will not forget the Hostages

1000 Toronto Jews and Allies gathered at David Pecault Square to stand with Israel and call for release of all hostages still held in Hamas hell.

Featured speakers came from Israel to describe their personal tragedy and pain. A video recording will be available.

Photos from 9 Months in Hell Event


The March of Dimes Syndrome

This article really caught my attention (Ed) as I served as President and CEO of March of Dimes Canada for over 38 years. The organization was proud of how we differentiated from March of Dimes in the US, though name confusion was always a potential hazard, given their focus on birth defects and the Canadian agency on adults with disabiliteis.

In Canada, MODC stayed true to its founding mission and served polio survivors as well as people with other permanent physical disabilities, especially as the former numbers were decreasing due to the end of polio. The fact that the US charitable organization was a hugely successful fundraiser looking for a cause after its initial cause was conquered, is an interesting story. This article speaks to it and gives examples of how other “cause related campaigns” expand, generally taking on negative issues facing society and expounding on them.

Read this excerpt:

For career activists, success is a threat. They can never declare mission accomplished.

Consider the current cultural conflicts over gender and sex. As the gay rights movement achieved its initial goals from the 1970s, overturning antisodomy laws and destigmatizing homosexuality, the movement expanded to include so many new causes that it required an acronym, LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, and more). Its leaders declared a new cause, same-sex marriage, which vanished after the Supreme Court legalized it nationally in 2015. Five years later, the Court extended civil rights protections to people’s sexual preferences.

Here is the “catch”, success has meant the cause moves the goal posts but as explained in this City Journal article,” Civil rights activists have responded to their movement’s great successes by setting new goals that directly contradict the original mission of integration and ‘complete equality before the law…”

To understand the full implication of the changes, this article is a must read. Examples are given as to how certain special interest groups took their cause celeb, achieved it and now campaign for the opposite.


Proud, Loud, LBGTQ+ and Jewish

The 2024 Toronto Pride Parade, with its usual cast of unsavory antisemitic characters was this year halted mid-route by a new group, as reported by CTV: “A newly formed group of protesters called the Coalition Against Pinkwashing says the decision to interrupt Canada’s largest Pride Parade was made after Pride Toronto refused a special meeting over demands put together by Queers for Palestine, which called on Pride Toronto to divest from corporations with ties to Israel.” Ironically an organization for Queers supports the anti-gay, anti-human rights, misogynist Hamas terrorist entity.”  As many have already noted in social media memes, gays for Palestine is like chickens for KFC.

The Jewish delegation that showed up to support Queer Jews, marched proudly, until the disruption by the benighted anarchists.

Photos from Pride Rally


Recommended Viewing

Native American women who speaks of Jewish indigeneity

Elan Journo, historian and a Vice President at The Ayn Rand Institute presents an explanation of how maps are used to wipe out Israeli history, promote a “Palestinian” narrative, not facts.

Israel Unwired shares a new music video for IDF reservists


Dave Gordon, writing for the National Post, interviewed Dr. Mordechai Kedar while he was in Toronto speaking for CAEF, TZC and CILR.

Shimon Fogel, President and CEO of Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), writing in the National Post,  addressed the antisemitic push to adopt APR-Anti-Palestinian Racism, as a strategy to erase Jewish identify and relationship to Israel.


CAEF Thanks our Muslim Friends who Stand with Israel

Not in the Name of Islam:


Advocacy and Action

Ruth Abrams, Toronto, sent a letter to the CBC Ombudsman and Senior Manager of Journalistic Standards, pointing out its lapse in regards to these standards when publishing stories about Israel and Hamas war.

Parents as First Educators (PAFE) shared statement from recent Ontario Minister of Education:

“Here in Ontario, Minister of Education Stephen Lecce has issued a Policy/Program Memorandum (PPM 170) and a directive to Ontario schools for the upcoming 2024/2025 school year in regards to third-party speakers which commits educators to notify parents of any external speaker and the content of their presentations. 

Action from Toronto City Councilor James Pasternak: Working to Address Hate in Toronto at City Hall during the June 2024 Toronto City Council Meeting,

Pasternak presented two significant motions which were unanimously adopted.


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