Jewish Pride - CAEF Bulletin June 25, 2021

June is Pride Month, Every Month is Jewish Pride Month

Lately, many Jews are feeling we stand alone, and often that is the case. End Jew Hatred Canada is reaching out to Jews and non-Jews to stand together. Jews have supported every progressive movement and now we want the same—unity! We must stand with our allies against hatred, but we won’t subjugate Jewish pride, Jewish rights or Jewish liberty to any cause. The image below (an updated version of the original lines from Pastor Neimoller, post WWII, was sent to CAEF in black and white and we show it knowing and being able to acknowledge the source, which we thank. We have added the colours to celebrate Pride Month.

Discrimination against LGBTQ Jews has been evident in progressive movements for a long time. It happened in Toronto for several years at the Pride Parade, where lies about Israel and Nazi symbols were present in the parade. This year an ad posted by the Chicago Dyke March for Pride depicted two burning flags, one American and one Israeli with a woman holding both atop messages of defund police and anti-Black racism—totally despicable. A Wider Bridge, the largest national Jewish LGBTQ organization produced a new version of their flag and posted it with this message #refusetochoose. One can celebrate being gay and being Jewish, no one need deny a part of his or her identity. Read below.

“During Pride rallies and marches, we at A Wider Bridge have proudly used a rainbow pride flag with a white Star of David. The pride flag has evolved to include inclusive colors. We didn’t want just to add on those missing colors and the star in a way that they could be removed, either practically and symbolically. So, we came up with our new inclusive Jewish pride flag. The original pride flag, the inclusive colors, and the star each stand for inseparable parts of our identities.

We cannot allow one to be removed just as we won’t be excluded from either the LGBTQ community or the Jewish community. For A Wider Bridge, our support for Israel is central to our Jewish identity and our LGBTQ identity.

We believe that when one part of the community is excluded, we are all left weaker and less vibrant. Doing so contradicts the very idea of inclusivity. We refuse to choose.

We refuse to prioritize and rank the multifaceted components of our identities. Here is our new flag, and we invite you to wave it proudly with us.” #WeRefuseToChoose

Irwin Cotler addressed Canadians and Americans

CAEF was the event sponsor for the Open University Israel’s webinar on June 17th featuring a dialogue with Canada’s Special Envoy on Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Antisemitism, In Pursuit of Global Justice.

We are pleased to share the recording with you and encourage you to share it.

Be Safe, Take Security Measures with Tips from the Experts

CAEF presented up to date information in a virtual program on Security Challenges for Jews Today with 3 leading experts. Watch the video and share with family and friends.

Take Action

On June 3rd CAEF hosted Dr. Charles Jacobs in a webinar entitled, The Failure of Jewish Leadership: What is to be done about it. He invited people to join his roundtable to learn what can be done and to become engaged. CAEF has studied his 10 point plan and offers a review of points we are already addressing, and we offer the full plan of Americans for Peace and Tolerance below, and an invitation to take action to address the issues, strengthen Jewish leadership, combat Jew-hatred.

Entitled, New Strategies for Jewish Leaders in a Time of Surging Jew-Hatred, this 10 point program invites discussion and you can participate. Read the full document here.

Here are some of the points that CAEF is already addressing;

  1. Declare a state of urgency - the Jewish community of Canada has declared the emergency and we await word on the Emergency Summit on Antisemitism that the Federal Government has promised. CAEF is seeking a seat at the table.

  2. Increase physical securityto protect the community - CAEF presented a webinar on Security Challenges for the Jews, this week and next week, we feature Rabbi Cary Kozberg on Jewish Ethics on Self-Defense.

  3. Educate the community and the public about the nature and sources of Jew-hatred – CAEF has initiated End Jew Hatred and along with our ongoing programs and advocacy, we are educating Jews and non-Jews about right wing, leftist and Islamist Jew-hatred.

  4. Expose and counter the threat of importing genocidal Jew-hatred from certain cultures. The major source of anti-Jewish hatred which is in the form of demonizing Israel, denying her right to exist, blaming Jews for every evil and campaigning to destroy Israel comes from Muslim countries. It is NOT anti-Muslim bigotry to know this fact.

Read more

PLEASE NOTE, in the last issue of the CAEF Bulletin, we offered a list of organizations addressing antisemitism, providing important resource information in defending and supporting Israel and combating lies. It was meant as a short list only and will be added to our website for reference. We erred in not including Americans for Peace and Tolerance and Americans for a Safe Israel. We will continue to add organizations, and you are welcome to send suggestions.

Mainstreaming Antisemitism and How We Respond

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) representative Avi Mayer, Communications Manager spoke June 8, 2021 at the Virtual Global Forum 2021 and moderated a panel with Bret Stephens, Op Ed Columnist, The New York Times, Bari Weiss, Journalist and Author of How to Fight Antisemitism and Simone Rodan-Benzaquen, Director of AJC Europe. There views on rising Jew hatred and what to do about it are instructive.

A Reader Writes to Demand Canada Ban Hate Symbols

(Letter sent to Prime Minister Trudeau)

Germany - a country that very well knows the consequences of hate incitement has banned both of HAMAS and HEZBOLLAH’s flags.

“Too long have they been featured on Canadian soil. Following the many attacks against Jews and Jewish infrastructure in the past six weeks - accompanied by racist, Jew-hate-filled diatribes, tropes, hurtful, abusive language levelled against Jews - adults and children - banning flags of terror organizations should be one immediate remedy. We have been asking for this for close to a decade.

Add to that ban any other that contravene the IHRA protocols. This includes all signage comparing Israel to Nazis and Apartheid regimes / calling for BDS; signs and calls that “Hitler didn’t finish the job but we will”; "Jews to the gas"; "Jews to the ovens”.

THIS IS SO HURTFUL, and terrifying!!!! Many Jews - across the country - are now living in constant fear and dread.

Stop it now. It has all now gone much, much too far.

PLEASE BAN the TERROR GROUPS’ HAMAS, HEZBOLLAH’s (swastikas, Nazi logos, ISIS, Taliban and any other such) FLAGS and symbols IN CANADA.”