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Letter from a Canadian visiting her children and grandchildren in Israel

I've been quiet, quiet from the shelter, because I cannot face the hatred, and the vile antisemitism that rears its ugly head every time there is a war.

Gaza, poor, poor Gaza, which claimed Israel kept the vaccine from their population, that Israel starved and killed children, that Israel is a colonizer, apartheid nation....said do not send in police to Jerusalem, do not try to maintain order, or we will bomb your cities. We will bomb the whole country. Bomb a country over a legal dispute about unpaid rent from property bought in 1875? What??

Also, we pay our bills to the Israel Electric Corporation every month. But in poor Gaza, they don't pay theirs. Israeli citizens subsidize their power. So they can make bombs, and tunnels, to terrorize Israeli citizens. Think about that for a second. We subsidize the terror they rain down upon us.

Poor Gaza. With no food, no fuel, no power, no vaccines.

Poor Gaza, except with enough money to buy and launch several thousand missiles with thousands more stockpiled for tomorrow, or the next day. (Each one is $45,000 USD so today's war cost....$31,500,000USD)

But poor Gaza, with no schools, and no new hospitals, but with resources to build advanced tunnels terror attack tunnel systems stretching miles deep into Israel. (Estimated cost: 150 million USD)

Poor Gaza, kept from developing, from air travel, from running their own country as they wish.

Well poor Gaza today sent over 700 missiles at Israeli civilians, burned thousands of acres of crops and food with terror balloons filled with explosives, and launched multiple cyber-attacks around the world. Oh, and targeted a civilian airport, which is now closed. Israel has one airport. We are now all stuck here together. Poor Gaza fired at an AIRPORT filled with civilian flights. On purpose.

Poor Gaza, which won't feed its children with the trucks of aid paid for and delivered by the State of Israel and her citizens, that arrive every freaking day, while claiming to the world she is starving. Instead, HAMAS leaders are billionaires and Biden just promised billions more.

Poor Gaza, where children are forced to martyr themselves for Hamas leadership who couldn't give a rat's ass if those same kids live or die.

Poor Gaza. Someone please help the damn Gazan people. We have tried for 40+ years, but their corrupt leaders, non-existent desire for peace and inability to gain control of their extremist elements leaves us here.

We have no war in our hearts. We want peace and security and quiet borders for everyone. We seek to destroy nothing, to kill no one. We don't want land, and in fact, keep giving it away in exchange for promised PEACE. What horrible conquering nation of colonizers does that?

You will not hear a true Zionist screaming DEATH to all ARABS or kill the Muslims. But every day, that is the call, to kill all the Jews. Anywhere you can find us, using whatever means necessary. Today the call from the Mosques was that we should be beheaded using whatever means necessary, wherever we can be found.

I am tired. And angry frankly, at the world, for literally throwing us to the wolves. “You Jews, go over there, back to where you came from.” We really do not want you here, or there or anywhere. Oh wait, you went there, to that wasteland of nothingness, to that place you came from. Hang on, we've reconsidered, the UN has unilaterally decided, you should not be there either.

When you support groups singing "FROM the RIVER to the SEA, Palestine will be FREE". I beg you to look at a freaking map. What RIVER and what SEA? The only RIVER is the Jordan, and the only Sea the Mediterranean. So where does that leave the JEWS? It leaves us absolutely nowhere. Floating dead in the Mediterranean, I guess?

And so we come to the real crux of the issue I think. We are tolerated (maybe), for a time, perhaps. But for 2000 years we have wandered after being exiled from Israel, always hated, always persecuted, always unwanted. And so let's just get real. There are just 14-15 million Jews left in the entire world, and most folks, maybe even you, honestly wish there were none.

Yes, little Israel is home to just 7 million Jews. Little Israel is home to a total of 9.5 million people. Little Israel is 9 freaking miles wide at some points, and in 1948, when it was established, it was a barren wasteland of nothingness that no one wanted, and everyone assumed would be a place those damn Jewish refugees from the death camps of Germany and Poland would go to quietly suffer and maybe, if the world was lucky, would be attacked by all of the Arab armies, lose and die.

Only we didn't. Only we brought water and irrigation and drained the swamps and got rid of the malaria and other diseases, and made this little strip of nothing flourish. A modern day miracle.

And that right there is the real problem. We weren't supposed to still be here.

So yes, I will show the video of the latest barrage of Iranian missiles smuggled into Gaza thrown at our families. 200 in 5 minutes, from poor Gaza. And I will tell you that fighting terror should be something everyone cares about. But you won't, and I accept that it is just the way it is, and will always be.

And poor Gaza is all our fault, because before the Disengagement we didn’t do enough to help them, and now that we destroyed 17 Israeli thriving communities, and handed over our farms and infrastructure and industry, and left Gaza (in exchange for Peace), we haven’t done enough either.

We haven’t lost enough soldiers, or received enough missiles, or given enough aid, or ...I don't even know, but clearly, those damn Jews are horrible baby killers just by nature of the fact we left Gaza to the Gazans just as everyone asked us to. Only now you've decided that was somehow wrong or not enough, or who even knows anymore?!

I can tell you why though, it is because the Jews are living and thriving here. Even in the face of every obstacle. Even when hit with over 700 missiles in a single day.

But let's get real, no one really ever wanted us to be anywhere at all.

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