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Letter from Larry Shapiro, Calgary to Toronto Star re: article by Sheree Paradkar who has ignored Hamas's contributions to failing health care in Gaza

Re: Where are Canada's leading health voices when it comes to Gaza? Shree-Paradkar, Feb. 6, 2024, Toronto Star

Feb. 8, 2024

Dear Editor,

International organizations are bound by treaties and laws governing the conduct of wars. They understand that  for years, Hamas has turned hospitals into military bases. Using them for military purposes has stripped them of their protected status under the Geneva Conventions. Shree Parakdar's accusation that Israel is brutally and illegally denying Gazans their medical services may reflect her emotional concern for the wellbeing of Gazans, but it ignores the facts on the ground. It should also be mentioned that 60% of humanitarian aid to Gaza, aid that includes medicines, has been seized by Hamas. Not condemning Hamas for its part in placing Gazan lives at risk hurts not helps Gazan civilians.

Larry Shapiro, Calgary


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