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Letter to Toronto Councillor Ausma Malik asking to declare her position re Al Quds Day rallies

August 25, 2023

Councillor Ausma Malik

City of Toronto

Dear Councillor Malik;

We extend greetings and best wishes to you on your appointment as Toronto’s Deputy Mayor. CAEF has a history of building alliances to combat racism and antisemitism, yet we note with dismay that there has been a steady increase in antisemitism across Canada, locally and globally. We want people to recognize and confront all sources of Jew hatred, while respecting diversity and championing inclusion.

Ms Malik, we were very pleased that you attended the recent commemoration of the Christie Pits riots organized by Councillor Mike Colle, and that you have shared personal stories of your knowledge of various Jewish customs, including kashruth and Chanukah. We appreciate your speaking out against hatred and standing loud and proud with our LGBTQ+ citizens. We are however, concerned about past situations in which it appears you stood with representatives of the terrorist organization, Hezbollah, which is bent on eradicating Israel, the nation state of the Jewish people which regularly calls for a genocide. We are open to hearing that this is not a stance you support and that you will call out anti-Israel/anti-Zionist hatred which most commonly masks Jew hatred today.

Among the most egregious cases of antisemitism on the streets of Toronto is the annual Al-Quds Day rally which mischaracterizes Israel as an apartheid state, attributing evil to the one and only Jewish state which a multi-ethnic, multi-faith country with full religious and civil rights for all its citizens. Most notably 21% of Israelis are Arabs who enjoy life in the only democratic state in the Middle East.

It is time that Toronto Council took steps to remove Jew hatred from our streets. The Jewish community would welcome your support.

The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation would be very pleased to meet with you to learn how we can collaborate in stemming hatred and educating for a truly tolerant and inclusive, multi-cultural Greater Toronto.


Anita Bromberg, President

Andria Spindel, Executive Director


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