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May is Jewish Heritage Month | CAEF Bulletin, May 1, 2024

Don’t Miss May Events, virtual or in person.

CAEF Releases Poster and Resources for Jewish Heritage Month

In time for the May 2024 Celebration of Jewish Heritage Month, 500 posters and letters of introduction have been sent to Ontario high schools. The poster images highlight some of the lesson plans prepared for varying grades and subjects that conform to the Ontario educational curriculum. CAEF thanks Maspik for contributing funds for CAEF's educational resources project.

The poster is meant to be displayed in classrooms or corridors where students will get a glimpse of great stories about Jews, Jewish history and contributions to Canada. Additional resources are listed on the website which is easily accessed via the QR code or at and are applicable to course content throughout the year. 

Parents, teachers, and students are welcome to send feedback to

Access CAEF Educational Resources for all grades.

Poster for Jewish Heritage Month
Talking Peace: A webinar with Neil Lazarus and a Palestinian from the West Bank. Register at:

Please join us as we reflect on the parallels between past and present struggles against Jew hatred. What lessons do the 1930s offer us, and why are they important as we face surging antisemitism and the ongoing captivity of 133 hostages. 

A panel will be moderated by Robert Sarner, writer,  journalist and former TV news anchor in Israel.

Never Again is Now. Register at:
Tafsik presents Advocacy in Action. Tickets available at:
Beyond the Headline:Israel's Most Critical War Front - Media Bias. Register at:

With Rising Jew hatred on campuses across North America, it is more important than ever to stand with Jewish students, call on universities to both protect Jewish students and faculty and to stop the antisemtism with concrete actions.

CAEF is pleased to also promote this event focused on supporting students in fighting antisemitism.

Rally to Stand with Students. Register at:

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