CAEF Concerned about Canada’s Response to Extending Israeli Sovereignty to Jewish Communities in Area C and the Jordan Valley

Designated Areas in Judea and Samaria


Organizations and individuals which are self-described “progressives” have demanded that the Canadian Government pressure Israel not to “annex” part of Judea and Samaria. However, CAEF points out that:

  1. “Annexation” is not what is proposed,

  2. There is no international law that prohibits Israel from extending civil law over land for which it is sovereign,

  3. The history of the reconstitution of Israel has much to say about Israel’s rights,

  4. The Canadian government should not pressure or threaten sanctions on Israel while ignoring both the abusive and rejectionist nature of the Palestinian Authority; Israel is its Ally,

  5. The term “progressive” means “a group, person, or idea favouring or implementing social reform or new, liberal ideas”, but there are no new ideas or improvements coming from this consortium that seems to like the status quo, in which the PA terrorizes its own population as well as the Israeli population. We fail to see how this is creating either social reform or is liberal in the full meaning of the term. It neither improves the lives of women, gays, trans, or other people, nor stops the pay for slay policy of the Arab government nor does it give equal rights to all Israelis-- so how exactly is the stance “progressive?”

CAEF’s position is that many people may be ignorant of the history of Israel or choose to negate Israel’s historic and legal rights and reject expert opinions of international legal giants like Eugene Kontorovich, Jacques Gauthier, Yifa Segal, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, Brooke Goldstein, Avi Bell, Andrew Tucker, and others whose work documents the land rights granted to the Jewish people in 1917, 1920 and 1922 which have never been abrogated and form article 80 of the United Nations. Israel is not annexing land it already is entitled to, especially since the last “owner” was the Ottoman Empire and they were defeated by the Allied Powers, after which the Mandate was held by Britain. Also, one cannot deny that the Jews purchased land in Palestine, and did not steal it, and when there have been documents to prove otherwise, then the Jews paid up for the land, but most was vacant when the Jews started arriving late 1800s-early 1900s, post-WWI and in larger numbers after WWII.

Israel Pre 1967

That Jordan “occupied” this land from 1949-1967 after an offensive war, and did not annex it, leaves it clear that Israel has entitlement and is within its rights to now extend sovereignty. Additionally, opponents of Israel’s rights don’t seem to even know that “annexation” is not what is proposed as Israel needn’t annex what it has liberated and legally administered since 1967. Under an agreement with the PA known as the Oslo Accords 1993 and 1995, all of Area C would come under Israel, should there be a negotiated final settlement. Rather than even mention that ALL failures to-date to have a negotiated settlement fall on the head of the recalcitrant PA, which in fact broke every commitment of the signed agreements, the anti-sovereignty organizations possibly think only Israel need compromise How did that work out in Gaza?

Israel has demonstrated tremendous compromises and each time it has been heavily harmed; releasing terrorists led to more terror (50% of the released doing more damage), giving up all of Gaza has led to continuous attacks, terror tunnels, bombings, fiery damage to crops, property, parks and more. Israel collects and passes tax funds to the PA, which in turn has often decided not to pass what it owes to Gaza. Israel has seen money flowing to create PA sponsored hate-filled antisemitic educational material, television, social media, rallies and even intifadas.

Only control of the mountain range can protect Israel


CAEF points out that the Peace and Prosperity Plan, proposed by the Trump administration, would allow for Israel to extend Israeli sovereignty over 500,000 Jews, thus providing governance under Israeli civil law, not the current administrative law which doesn’t give them equal access to all of Israel’s services. So, if people want to talk about two populations with different levels of service, it is the two Jewish populations. The Arabs of Israel get all of Israel’s services while those under PA governance get the PA’s services and suffer their fraud and corruption, their endless bigoted tirades and child abuse. Training kids to hate and kill ought to be challenged by the so-called Social Justice “Progressives.” And remember Gaza is to be part of a self-governing Arab entity, yet Hamas, like the PA have not had any election since 2006, so hardly democratic. Both entities’ leadership feathers its own bed, and even during the pandemic did less for their people than they were funded to deliver, but look at the fact that Mahmoud Abbas has a mansion of 12 rooms and a private jet!!

Canada has an obligation to support the “good guys” not the “bad guys” and in as much as the Prime Minister publicly and globally promotes equality for women and LGBTQ rights, and declares a strong belief in diversity and inclusion, Canada must make common cause with Israel. All of these rights are fulfilled ONLY IN ISRAEL, none in the areas under Arab control, neither under the PA or Hamas, nor in any Muslim majority country.

Canada could take the first step by recognizing Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jewish nation.

For more information on Israel’s rights, you are invited to use the materials produced by the International Legal Forum, available here.

And by Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights, available here.

Willful Blindness and the Mistake of Underestimation: The Oslo Gamble

Dr. Joel Fishman and Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yosef Kuperwasser