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News from and about Israel -- CAEF Bulletin Jan 11, 2021

Terrorism 2020: 12 Shootings, 16 Stabbings, 3 Casualties

The report from Tazpit News Service stated that 2020 was a better year than 2019, despite the pandemic. Fewer attacks by terrorists—but the news wasn’t all great.

Arab terrorists from the Palestinian Authority (PA) carried out 12 shooting attacks and 16 stabbing attacks in 2020, and three Israelis were killed in terrorist attacks.

Rocket fire from the Gaza Strip dropped dramatically in 2020. Some 175 rockets were fired at Israeli civilian targets throughout the year, compared to 1,296 launches in 2019 and 1,164 in 2018.

The Israeli authorities recorded over 2,200 Molotov cocktail and rock-throwing attacks, but many of these incidents are not reported or recorded and so the numbers are probably significantly higher.

Terrorists carried out seven car-ramming attacks against Israeli forces and citizens throughout the year.

How has this information be portrayed in the Canadian media?


What Jews Must Demand from President-elect Joe Biden

Jews have every right to demand that the next American administration will be as supportive of Israel, Israeli sovereignty, and the Jewish communities of America and the world as the last administration. Why ask for anything less?

What is important to know and repeat, over and over to the incoming US President and Vice President, actually comes from remarks made over two decades ago by a young Joe Biden who was recognized by the Zionist Organization of America as a staunch supporter of Israel. The ZOA, a leading voice on Jewish and Israel’s rights, and a voice of concern about a certain past administration that denigrated Israel, noted in a press release that Joe Biden was given awards and accolades for his previously well expressed Zionist support.

A past American administration voted against Israel at the UN, did deals with Iran, the major global terror sponsor, and tried to dictate Israeli policy to its duly elected democratic government. This is fact. It must not happen again. Let us hope that the Old Biden makes good on the words of the Young Biden, as shared in this press release from ZOA quoted below.

Excerpt from the Zionist Organization of America, press release, January 7, 2020

“ZOA fondly remembers that Joe Biden gave the keynote address at the ZOA’s Brandeis Gala Dinner under Mort Klein’s presidency During his important speech, Biden chastised any Administration for publicly criticizing Israel, which endangered Israel by emboldening enemies dedicated to Israel’s destruction. Biden properly insisted that any differences between the U.S. and Israel should be discussed privately-never publicly. Biden further correctly made it crystal clear that U.S. administrations must not tell Israel what is in Israel’s best interest. Biden affirmed that Israel’s decisions must be made by her own democratically-elected government, without U.S. government interference.

Biden proclaimed to the standing room only ZOA crowd: “Why is it that the one ally [Israel] we have in that part of the world, that we have the right to publicly chastise them? We would not do that with any other friend. . . As much as the Middle East is always on our minds, the best thing we can do is keep it off the US and world press. Such criticism emboldens those in the Middle East and around the world who still harbor as their sacred goal, the elimination of Israel. . . . It is not for you to tell them [Israel], nor for me, what is in their best interests. We should give them [Israel] the right to determine what chances they will take.”

Biden received a standing ovation. We applaud those words, and hope to see the upcoming new Biden-Harris administration live by Biden’s wise declaration to the members of the Zionist Organization of America. If they do so, the Biden-Harris administration will surely have success and blessings.”


ZOA 1984 Honoured Joe Biden for Unwavering Support of Israel

From the Baltimore Jewish Times, by Victoria Brown, March 14, 2019

The award was given to Biden to honor his roles on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

and as chief sponsor of a congressional resolution to not sell fighter aircraft to Saudi Arabia. Other recipients of the award included Prime Minister Shimon Peres, Larry King, former Sen. Jacob Javits, Sen. Arlen Specter, Sen. Paul Sarbanes and Max Fisher.

“Senator Biden will receive the award in recognition of his steadfast support of the strategic alliance between the United States and Israel and for his frequent and forceful denouncing of the PLO terrorist tactics,” said the article.

Biden had been honored previously for his work by the Jewish National Fund of Wilmington, Delaware. The JNF of Delaware named a forest in Israel The Joseph R. Biden Jr. Forest in honor of Biden’s work in support of Israel.


Are Jewish Studies Departments Safe from Antisemitism?

by Debbie Hall, Source: Times of Israel Originally published on 12/11/2020

As we move into 2021 and define targets for direct action by the movement, End Jew Hatred, we are looking at universities as one of the major sources of antisemitism, of anti-Zionism that denies Jewish self-determination, falsifies history or is abhorrently ignorant of it, bases Jewish claims on the lie of colonialism and occupation, and subjects Jewish students to various forms of harassment, humiliation, discrimination.

One might expect that Jewish faculty, particularly those in a Jewish Studies Department would be a bulwark against such behaviour, but sadly that is not the case. It might even be the source of such pathetic hostility.

An article describing the phenomenon of some college and university campuses having Jewish Studies professors who are actively promoting an antisemitic narrative by actively campaigning against the most important definition of antisemitism ever established should more than raise eyebrows. Who funds these programs? Who appoints these professors? Who promotes or publishes their work? How might Jewish students be protected from the false and dangerous spewing of antiZionism from Jewish faculty?

Read this article republished in full by Scholars for Peace in the Middle East on January 4, 2021.


Religious Diversity & Tolerance in Israel and the PA controlled Areas

Consider the blatant, unabashed lies that spring forth daily from the mouths of Palestinian Arab leadership, from mosques, schools and media, and then ask how it is that Israel is considered an apartheid state? In Israel Arab Muslims and Christians flourish. Arabs serve in all walks of life and sectors of society, and within every hierarchy, some also at the top. This is diversity, inclusion, tolerance, equality, democracy. These are the stories oft told by Israel but ignored by mainstream media or distorted for convenience. Why has the western press repeated the lie of Israel withholding or not offering coronavirus vaccine to the Palestinian Arabs, such are the bold-faced lies? Why is it harder to get the truth out?

This video shares an important truth, told with a poke in the eye. Please share it.



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