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Old and New Enemies in 2022 | CAEF Bulletin, January 5, 2022

Will 2022 Be “Never Again” or Ever Again?

The Communists, especially Marxist-Leninists have always been Jew haters. The Nazis and their affiliate Neo-Nazis groups likewise are serious Jew haters. The Islamists in their many guises from campus clubs to media, various mosques andall BDS lobby groups, are sincerely and committedly dedicated to eradicating the Jewish state, while claiming not to be antisemitic. Of course many of these Jew haters proudly take benefits from the Jewish state, attend Israeli universities or even serve on faculty, while raising funds for anti-Jewish NGOs, and traveling the world to speak at gigs that amplify their hatred.

What is astonishing is the number and variety of Jewish anti-Jewish organizations, such as Mondoweiss, Independent Jewish Voices, IfNotNow. Mondoweiss is the creation of Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz, two Jews who hate Israel and describe themselves as Anti-Zionists. One has to wonder if the Nazis would have found the distinction at all useful. David Bernstein, writing for the Washington Post in 2015, describes Mondoweiss as “basically one-stop shopping for anti-Israel news. Anything bad that goes on in Israel will be publicized and exaggerated at Mondoweiss. If you want to know the far-left anti-Israel party line on any recent event, Mondoweiss is the place to go.”

In addition there are so-called journalists with a gripe against Israel and the Jews that has no bounds, and no rationality for such hate. See this gem, entitled Now You Know by Davide Mastracci, (What’s the Israel lobby? How does it work? - Now You Know | Revue ( and the website by Yves Engler, author of this illiberal piece accusing Israel of war crimes and Canada of being under the thumb of an Israel lobby.

Several key Jewish organizations have been targeted by the Jew haters, for what they perceive as being the “Israel Lobby,” but clearly the anti-Israel lobby is much better funded, larger and angrier because their agenda is the total destruction of Israel. Any pro-Israel lobby wants peace, rational responses to the Israel-Arab conflict, support for the existence of Israel, and the end of Jew hatred.

Here is what one of our readers views as the “Israel Lobby”, the lobby of the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, Israel.

Photo from

Do we need to be equally angry to fight back? Do our leaders understand the challenges of fighting on so many fronts? Have the organizations dedicated to combating antisemitism and defending Israel found effective ways to win? Are we winning?

Send your comments to , share ideas of proven effective ways to combating Jew hatred.


The University of Toronto Report on Antisemitism Does Not Address the Problem, Hence No Solution

As the University of Toronto Working Group on Antisemitism decided not to define “antisemitism”, what the H--- were they studying? We should remind the university that if they don’t actually name the problem, the cannot solve it, so choosing not to define antisemitism, leaves open the question of what the Working Group on Antisemitism was even addressing.

Read tweet from UCLA Computer Science Prof and renowned Jewish activist, Judea Pearl. Follow him @yudapearl

“University administrators unwilling to publicly name a problem are not in a position to solve it".

Corollary 1: Working with Jewish organizations behind the scene, forming "task forces" or "working groups" and erecting "anti-hate" cathedrals are but cover-ups for inaction.

Corollary-2: EDI (Equity Diversity and Inclusion) offices lacking Jewish-Zionist representation operate contrary to the principle of "Diversity & Inclusion" and are totally useless until reformed.”


Hate on the Street of Toronto

Found and photographed by Michael Teper on December 31, 2021, at Talbot Road and Blake Avenue, on exterior fence of Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Finch Station Parking Lot is one of the latest pieces of Jew hatred. A complaint has already been filed with,, copy to Councillor Filion, and with the Toronto Police Service 32 Division.

CWF-OC stands for "Communist Workers Front - Organizing Committee". These fine folks have put out a website with a "bulletin" where they brag about their vandalism. WORKERS’ ACTION BULLETIN – No. 5 – FOR A COMMUNIST WORKERS FRONT ( Scroll down the webpage and you will see that it's a picture of the exact same graffiti. The clue is the hydro-wires in the background.


Terrorists and Terror in Deheishe Refugee Camp - January 1st, 2022

CAEF has partnered with the Bedein Center for Near East Policy Researchto document the violence and terror that is part of the Palestinian Authority and its puppet, the UN Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA. There is nothing the least timid or subtle in the fact that UNRWA is growing and training terrorists, from the youngest of Arab children through high school, and in summer camps.

On December 30th CAEF was advised that a March of Return was being organized and it would involve arms and threats towards Israel and could result in serious damage or harm. We got not a word of response from those with whom we shared this information. Thankfully, the Bedein Center was able to film part of this antisemitic, antiZionist protest and provide Hebrew and English translations with significant immediacy, and the IDF and Israeli security were standing by to ensureno gains were made by the terrorists.

With this video, the world can see what is going on under the PA, the so-called moderates whose aims are not different from those of Hamas---destroy Israel, eradicate the Jewish country, kill the Jews. Not too subtle, n’est ce pas?

Watch and then donate to help in the project to document the ongoing terror and disregard for lives, both Jewish and Arab that is the hallmark of the criminal minds of the PA leadership.


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