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One Message: End Jew Hatred! CAEF Bulletin, June 5 2021


Watch this video, be hip and be knowledgeable.

And now Canada, the US and Europe will “rebuild” Gaza on the supposed naïve belief that somehow that benefits the children, the destitute, the students, the sick, the homeless, the innocent. But it DOES NOT! Hamas is committed to destroying Israel. We have a ceasefire, not a peace, and there will be no peace with Hamas, hence more war, more lives lost, more devastation for Arabs in Gaza as the gullible ignore the fact that Hamas builds terror tunnels, not hospitals, not schools, and guess what—they don’t build bomb shelters for civilians!! They build TERROR TUNNELS AND ARMS FACTORIES!

Tazpit Press Service has been sharing the truth for years, and our media and politicians ignore it. Please be informed.

Then read this : Hamas Charter?



Dogan Akman is a regular contributor to the CAEF Bulletin, the Times of Israel Blogs, and has knowledge, experience and legal expertise that he applies scrupulously to the subject matter he addresses. Here are two articles he has produced for YOU are readers, read, think, and share.

The Canadian Government: Careless or Willfully Ignorant?

By Doğan Akman

During the May 13 Question Period in the House of Commons , Elizabeth May, MP for the Green Party, asked a question which displayed her total ignorance of the facts and the law concerning the alleged illegal annexation, settlements and forced evictions and about the causes and nature of the situation on these matters.

Her question reads:

“The current crisis was provoked by actions of the Netanyahu government and other extreme elements within the settler groups. Can Canada speak out clearly to defend the Palestinian people against illegal annexation, illegal settlements and illegal forced evictions?”

One would reasonably think that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Marc Garneau with all the research staff at his disposal would answer this inflammatory question in an informed manner based on incontrovertible facts and evidence.

Regrettably, having regard to the manner in which the Trudeau government comments on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, just as is the case with Canada’s scandalous handling of the serious UNRWA antisemitic/anti-Zionist educational problems, clearly such a reasonable expectation has become unreasonable.

The Minister’s answer was:

“Mr. Speaker, Canada remains gravely concerned by the continued expansion of the settlements and by the demolitions and evictions, including the ongoing cases of Sheik Jarrah and Silwan. These actions impact families and livelihoods and do not serve peace or international law. Unilateral actions that prejudice the outcome of direct negotiations and further jeopardize the prospects for a two state solutions must be avoided. We will always stand ready to support efforts for a two-state solution.”

The fact of the matter is that if the Minister was properly briefed about the international law governing Israel’s legal entitlement to authorise the establishment of settlements in Judea and Samaria, he would have one less thing to be concerned about. All his staff has to do is to start with the San Remo Resolution of 1920 and carry on right through section 80 of the Charter of the United Nations. It means they need be informed to do their jobs.

A Muslim Scholar States Vigilante Justice is Not Acceptable in the West

Dogan Akman

On November 4, 2020 in a lecture at the East Plano Islamic Center (EPIC),Texas, Pakistani-American Scholar Sheik Yasir Qadhi discussed the responses of Islamic scholars to the recent beheading of French high school teacher Samuel Paty.

He said that no reputable scholar would permit vigilante attacks such as these, and that a death sentence for a blasphemer may only be carried out by an Islamic Court in an Islamic land. He further stated: ”Even in the lands of Islam, you don’t have the right to act as judge, jury, executioner[;]You cannot enact vigilante Justice. It is not something that is allowed. How much more so then, in the lands that are not the lands of Islam. When we are a minority, there is simply no argument to be made that this is something that would be allowed.”


Trudeau on BDS—A Genuine Recognition of its Bigotry

There was an excellent pro-Israel, righteous response from Prime Minister Trudeau to a nasty question in support of BDS. We must acknowledge and thank our PM and urge he repeat this and elaborate on it often:




Dr. Mordechai Kedar Explains the Conflict Inside and Outside of Israel

In these short videos, Arabic expert Kedar explains how the enemy is operating, how it’s being funded, and financial aid feeds the conflict.



It has been a common belief that since Jews, of whom there were never more than a few thousand in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, experienced freedom of religion, served in the military and institutions of authority, were benefactors to education, arts, and culture and thrived, that there has never been and now never would be antisemitism. Well guess again. In a series of 10 scholarly presentations, entitled Antisemitism in South Asia in Comparative Perspective, coordinated by Dr. Navras Aafreedi, sponsored by the Institute for Studies in Global Antisemitism and Policy, the topic is thoroughly investigated and presented in fresh material. It is very fresh to Western audiences and opens up a new field of study in South Asia. Kudos to Dr. Aafreedi for organizing the series.

Dr. Navras Aafreedi is Assistant. Professor (History), Presidency University, Kolkata, India and a Fellow of ISGAP.


Who are the Jew Haters?

For anyone looking for a complete list, the day isn’t long enough, but the major groups of antisemitic liars and bigots can be found in these categories as outlined by Dr. Charles Jacobs, in his Web Talk of June 3rd for CAEF accessed here and illustrated below.


An article in by Gary Branfman addresses left-wing antisemitism, a source that too many deny. On the false belief that all “social justice” movements are good and humane, the progressive left has absorbed the rhetoric that Israel is a right wing entity, illegal, colonial, white supremacists and every other kind of evil. It is sickening, lying, and dangerous and begs the question—what is “progressive” about Jew hatred?

By Gary S. Branfman, MD studied radio, television, and film at New York City’s Queens College. Following a career in communications, he returned to school and became a board-certified plastic surgeon at the age of 38. He is the president of Congregation B’nai Israel in Victoria, Texas. He has appeared on various news organizations including “The Stream” on Al Jazeera, CBS evening news with David Begnaud and presently produces the podcast, “Never Again Live” with Meir HaLevi Weinstein.


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