Paraskevidekatriaphobia - CAEF Bulletin November 13, 2020

It’s Friday, the 13th of November, so now I have your attention!

(Actually, this is coming to you late, but I didn’t want to waste this great word.)

Why are people superstitious about the potential for bad luck on a Friday that falls on the 13th of the month? I have always wondered so am sharing a few findings with you, and invite you to “google” for yourself.

Paraskevidekoariaphobia is what is “apparently a motivated reasoning,” that is, because something bad may have happened on the 13th people came to associate it with bad things happening.

The beginning might be from the Christian liturgy that has Jesus sitting at the Last Supper with 12 disciples and being crucified the next day, a Friday. Here are a few other associations: Eve gave Adam the fateful apple on a Friday and Cain killed his brother Abel on a Friday.

Hate Should Not be Cultivated

We have been bombarded for months with media sightings of neo-Nazi, white supremacist, anti-immigrant marchers who have all been portrayed as thugs, murderers, ignoramuses, blowhards, maniacs, Jew haters, and racists. Maybe some of the folks are this and more, but what is missing in all the diatribe are the sightings of the Leftist mobs of protesters who have been burning and looting businesses and homes, threatening conservatives, putting on black hoods and beating cops and opposition protesters.

While this news is all coming from the US, it fills the screens and airways in Canada. It is obviously important to know there are ever present dangers in the democratic society to the south of Canada, but here is the crux of the problem. The news we are getting is almost entirely one sided, focused on the dangers of right wing extremism, ignoring left wing extremism and the actual damage they have wrecked on society already. What is really obnoxious is the accusation that if one disagrees with the so-called “normative” views, ie the view that all the danger is on the right, then one is “branded” a racist and either exiled to the fringes of respectable society or castigated publicly.

One of the offenders is in the view of CAEF, the Canada Anti-Hate Network which on the evening of the US election sent out a blast with the following message (excerpt included):

“We have all the same elements here -- would-be demagogues, neo-Nazis in politics, far-right media outlets peddling propaganda, organized hate groups, and many hundreds of thousands of hate group sympathizers and Canadian Trump supporters.”

So, note that if you are a Conservative, not a Biden supporter, you have been labelled a neo-Nazi, a peddler of propaganda, likely a member of a hate group or a sympathizer, because you supported Trump. Wow!

On November 10th, the so-called anti-hate organization which is now seriously spewing hatred, sent the following message:

“Canadian Trump supporters believe Biden fraudulently stole the election. We need to be vigilant for when their denial turns to rage.

Trump signs and MAGA hats continue to be a part of anti-lockdown, anti-intelligence demonstrations in Canada. We’re concerned about the possibility of Trump mobilizing his supporters to protest against the election results, and Canada’s idiot catchments like The Line morphing into explicitly anti-democracy, pro-Trump bodies.”

There are no statements in the noxious message about what has actually happened, what policies or actions make Trump the vanguard for neo-Nazism nor how the connection can be justified to call Canadians who support the policies of a president that lowered unemployment for Black Americans to the lowest levels ever, who raised the average income for America overall, who funded to the highest levels ever Black colleges and over 800 opportunity zones across marginalized communities, expanded peace in the Middle East, stood up to the tyrants of Iran and China, recognized Israel’s legal rights and eliminated funding to terrorists who rewarded murderers of Jews. But, the CAHN would have you hate Trump, his administration and all of his achievements.

CAEF is truly non-partisan but can the same be said for CAHN which is soliciting donations while spewing its lies about average Canadians who support a conservative agenda, not a “progressive” leftist one?

Dialogue with an Anti-Israel IHRA Opponent

Jews and Allies need be armed to the diatribe presented by opponents of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism and its illustrative examples, particularly those examples that show anti-Zionism IS antisemitism. We should not be on the defensive when standing up for Israel. We need to counter antisemitism by naming the Jew Haters, obstructing their messages, and standing up for Israel. We must begin to stand for #EndJewHatred.

Irving Weisdorf, our immediate Past President, is also the Founder & President of The Mozuud Freedom Foundation. On the occasion of Remembrance Day, he sent out a message to the members of Mozuud, that extolled Freedom of Speech as the cornerstone freedom of democratic nations like Canada.

Within a few hours, he received a response from Ms. Samira Kanji, President of the Noor Cultural Centre, with whom Irving had corresponded once before. This correspondence is shared here to contribute to our understanding about supporting IHRA and freedom of speech while shutting down the BDS movement with its lies and Jew hatred.

“Dear Mr. Weisdorf,

I'm always struck by the inconsistency between your plaint/lament about obstructions to freedom of speech and your assumed tolerance for the same when it comes to speech critical of Israel - assuming you are against Israeli Apartheid Week debates, and support the IHRA definition of antisemitism per the illustrative examples? Please let me know if I'm wrong.”

Sincerely, Samira Kanji

The not-so-veiled attack, or if you prefer, “question” about inconsistency re freedom of speech was not surprising, because there was and still is a lot of opposition to the IHRA definition of Antisemitism that was recently adopted by the Ontario Government. Detractors, many of whom advocate openly or otherwise for the destruction of the only Jewish state in the world (and interestingly do not advocate for the destruction of any other state, including the many Muslim truly apartheid states) make the argument that the acceptance of the IHRA definition will make it unlawful to criticize Israel. That is not so. Here is Irving’s reply:

“Dear Ms. Kanji,

Israel Apartheid Week has never encouraged discussion or debate, though it was admitted onto the university campuses under the guise of doing so. This might lead one to conclude that it was never intended to promote discussion. Sadly, it is apparent today that IAW was likely always intended to be pure propaganda, to cleverly try to delegitimize Israel by comparing it to Apartheid South Africa, to which Israel bears no resemblance whatsoever. Clearly you either know very little about South Africa in apartheid time, and/or have never been to Israel or read much about Israel, be