Protest, Stand Up, Take Action and Watch 1948 | CAEF Bulletin November 29, 2021

Chanukah celebrates the miracle of the Maccabees defeating the Seleucids, Hellenistic Greeks, and as Zionists let us also celebrate our modern miracle - the establishment of the State of Israel. Let us continue the tradition—take action, stand up against our enemies

CAEF supports this protest initiated by Rabbi Corey Margolese.

We remind everyone that our grassroots movement End Jew Hatred Canada sent a mezuzah case and message to every MP and Senator asking them to stand up for the Jewish community, stand against Jew hatred, take a selfie and commit to action. We are tired of words alone. CAEF demands the federal government demonstrate its implementation of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism.

Watch CAEF Webinar with Dr. Oren Osterer presenting 1948. The Exhibition, with all exhibition images. Share this to educate about truth and eradicate lies about Modern Israel.

Toronto District School Board Fails on “Palestine” Controversy by Michael Teper

TDSB Director Colleen Russell-Rawlins' letter responding to the demonstration at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute last Friday sorely misses the mark.

The slogan written on a sign used at the demonstration was "From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free". That is much different than a mere expression of Palestinians' "human and land rights as people" she described in her letter. If that were the intent of the slogan, it would read "From the River to the Sea, Palestinians will be free". This is not nitpicking - words and their meanings do matter.

Instead, that slogan is a call for the elimination of the State of Israel. If there is to be a sovereign state of Palestine whose territory is to extend from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, then the State of Israel would necessarily have to disappear. In other words, the necessary implication of this slogan is that there is something fundamentally immoral about the very existence of a State of Israel, and that Israeli Jews are alien intruders in a country that doesn't properly belong to them. (Incidentally, this is a recurring theme in the emails that TDSB employee Javier Davila sent around last May. These materials repeatedly refer to "illegal Jewish settlers" and Israeli Jews as "settler colonialist.") This slogan therefore reflects the antisemitic trope that Jews have no indigenous homeland, and are at root foreigners and interlopers everywhere they go. So this slogan doesn't just "mean different things to different people" as described by the TDSB Director; it has a clear antisemitic foundation and is no less odious than the notorious "14 words" used by white supremacists: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children".

Beyond the TDSB's tolerance for this slogan, the TDSB has a really hard time summoning up the courage to deal seriously with anti-Israel bigotry.

By now it's well known to everyone at the TDSB executive team that Javier Davila's emails from May 16, 2021 and May 19, 2021 contained no fewer than four links to pro-terrorist websites, including to a pamphlet which characterizes suicide bombings against Israelis as "legitimate ... martyrdom operations", the autobiography of serial airplane hijacker Leila Khaled, to the archived propaganda of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (designated as a terrorist entity by Public Safety Canada) and to an interview with PFLP leader Ghassan Kanafani. There's a real problem with the message the TDSB is sending through differential consequences administered to TDSB staff who commit acts of anti-Black racism (justifiably dismissed from employment within three weeks of the incident) and TDSB staff who create a poisoned working and learning environment by circulating 'educational resources' that link to pro-terrorist websites (apparently nothing).

By not coming clean on why there were no consequences to Javier Davila, and not coming clean about the TDSB's investigation process, the TDSB is failing in its duties of transparency and accountability as a public institution.

What's particularly troubling is that a former Ministry of Education officer named Debbie Kasman has bragged on her website that a letter she sent to each TDSB trustee, in which she accused former TDSB Director Karen Falconer of being potentially biased against Palestinians because she is Jewish, may have had an effect on Mr. Davila's reinstatement. There is something very mysterious and rotten about the way this investigation was handled, and the TDSB owes an honest and complete explanation to the community.

Editor’s note:

A new Working Group to End Jew Hatred, chaired by Gila Martow, MPP issued a statement, week of November 21st.

A protest was held at the Toronto District School Board headquarters, November 21st, organized by Rabbi Corey Margolese to draw attention to the unresolved, unaddressed, uncondemned antisemitism expressed by students and teachers within the TDSB, especially at a student street event at Marc Garneau Collegiate on November 19th.

Read the statement, delivered by Rabbi Margolese at the protest.

This Protest was reported in Israeli News

Antisemitism Continues at the University of Toronto

For the uninitiated, The University of Toronto, Canada’s premier academic institution, has a lengthy history of antisemitic incidents, as well as faculty and student bodies that express horrific anti-Israel sentiments and defame, demonize and denigrate Israel and Israelis. The global Anti-Israel Apartheid Week program has given the university the dubious honourof being the birthplace of thisantisemitic event which has continued annually for over 15 years. On Wednesday November 24th, the Scarborough Campus Student Union brought bigotry against Jews to the fore once again.

After years of such antics as hosting Jew haters and bigots, isolating Jews with campaigns to disallow kosher food, BDS committee activity at the Graduate Student Union and more, the Student Union at the Scarborough Campus passed truly vile resolutions at its recent AGM.

Hasbara Fellowships quickly addressed the issue and published a full account of the Student Union resolutions. Steven Werner, a supporter of CAEF, shared a detailed analysis of the situation in a letter to the President of U of T, Dr. Meric Gertler and Minister of Colleges and Universities, Jill Dunlop. See below.

Below Werner’s letter is the response issued November 26 by President Gertleraddressing the Scarborough Campus Student Union’s (SCSU) resolutions,pointing out the inappropriateness of these resolutions as they are contrary to university policies on freedom of speech and inclusion. This is an important first step for the university and one welcomed by many Jewish organizations, but it is not enough!

CAEF expects the university to actively condemn the antisemitism on display at the SCSU, which is not even mentioned in President Gertler’s statement. What is the university afraid of, having established a Working Group on Antisemitism it cannot deny this evil exists on campus? So why hesitate to use the word now?

Action to educate and eradicate Jew hatred begins with naming it. Demanding it end, requires action and consequences. This is not about freedom of speech, but about bold faced lies, denigration of a people, demonizing a country, trying to separate a people from its homeland and Jews from Zionism, an absurd step.

There was a magnificent response from the Jewish Student Life (JSL) group at UTSC, suggesting more than words must follow. A human rights complaint is being considered by the students. Action is called for Now.

Read the various statements in sequence to fully understand the situation and lend your support to JSL, by contacting Yardena Rosenblum, President of JSL at UTSC.

Open letter from Steven Werner, November 26, 2021

Dear President Gertler, and Minister Dunlop,

Racist discrimination is currently on open display at the University