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Recognizing Courage | CAEF Bulletin, Sep 20, 2023

There are Many Faces of Courage

This video was produced by The Simon Wiesenthal Center, in recognition of the activism and power of the brave women of Iran who joined together to lead a movement to stand up to the Iranian regime.


CAEF Sends Mazel Tov to the top 25 ViZionaries

Twenty-five capable, amazing, mostly young, people were selected by the Jerusalem Post, published September 15, 2023, for their extraordinary contributions to the Jewish people.

CAEF celebrates two good friends

#1 Olga Meshoe Washington

Photo courtesy JNF/USA

“Olga Meshoe Washington led a successful legal career and served as director and lead transformation consultant at Transcend Corporate Advisors before becoming CEO of DEISI International. Meshoe Washington has helped facilitate sustainable socio-economic development programs, leaving a lasting impact on corporate entities, non-profits, and NGOs alike.

Her unique perspective on South African and African relations with Israel and unwavering support for the Christian mandate to stand with Israel has made her a sought-after figure on the global speaking circuit. She has addressed prestigious organizations like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Christians United for Israel, and the World Jewish Congress. In 2022, she spoke at the United Nations Human Rights Council and participated in a UNHRC side event in Geneva.

Meshoe Washington serves as a board member of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel, COO of Club Z, and recipient of the Jerusalem Award from the World Zionist Organization in 2016.”

Watch CAEF future notices as Olga is expected in Toronto in 2024.

#13 Amotz Eyal

Photo by Miriam Alster

“Amotz Eyal, the founder and CEO of Tazpit Press Service (TPS), established an Israeli newswire agency to provide an accurate picture of events in Israel. Raised in Psagot, near Ramallah, Eyal witnessed the region’s violence firsthand, prompting him to distribute video cameras to capture and share the reality of life in Israel. Until 2010, foreign sources dominated Israeli news coverage, leading to the creation of TPS. Over the last 13 years, his agency has flourished, reaching over 10 million people worldwide and disseminating 5,000 articles annually. Managing 420 citizen volunteers and a 10-member staff, Eyal and his team serve as the primary newswire source for global Israel-related content. Eyal also regularly lectures at Reichman University and has taught the Communications in Conflict Zones course for the past five years. He is also a reserve commander in an elite IDF unit tasked with special anti-terror operations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.”

Amotz’s webinar with CAEF can be found here.

For information on all honorees, click here.

CAEF extends a mazel tov and best wishes to all the Vizionaries!


Jewish Institute for Liberal Values Counters Radical Social Justice Ideology—and Claims Some Success

You may have heard about the establishment of the Institute for the Critical Study of Zionism (ICSZ). The ICSZ “aims to support the delinking of the study of Zionism from Jewish Studies, and to reclaim academia and public discourse for the study of Zionism as a political, ideological, and racial and gendered knowledge project, intersecting with Palestine and decolonial studies, critical terrorism studies, settler colonial studies, and related scholarship and activism.”

Read the Letter from JILV’s founder David Bernstein on the JILV’s exposure of antisemitism within the new AntiZionist curriculum bias of Critical Studies in Zionism and an early victory.


Stronger Together To #EndJewHatred

Thanks to the partnership of StandwithUs Canada, Allied Voices for Israel, JTeach, Canadian Institute for Jewish Research, and Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation, a half-day mobilization launch took place on September 10th, 2023. Chaired by Rabbi Corey Margolese, featured speaker, Brooke Goldstein, founder and CEO of the Lawfare Project and the founder of the EndJewHatred movement, gave an opening address suggesting five critical strategies for addressing Jew hatred.

  1. Talk about civil rights, not about Israel.

  2. Use the language of civil rights, because the rights of Jews are being threatened, abrogated, lessened in the court of public opinion and this is unacceptable and dangerous.

  3. Get organized. Grass roots mobilization is essential. Keep going until you achieve your goals.

  4. Have consequences for the unwanted, unacceptable bad behaviour of the antisemites. This is key to a civil rights movement is that there is a heavy price to pay for antisemtism.

  5. Always use a one two punch. Seek Allies and other legal groups that are knowledgeable. The EJH movement members need to know how to aggressively use the legal system to enforce civil rights.

Four areas for action that were identified by the speakers are as follows:

  1. Demand that the Ministers of Education (all provinces) implement IHRA once adopted, requiring teachers and administrators to be trained to understand it and hold people accountable.

  2. Demand that cities ban hateful antisemitic Al Quds Day rallies from our streets.

  3. Challenge Antisemitic aspects of DEI/Critical Race Theory in Education.

  4. Tackle systemic antisemitism in post secondary institutions.

Pic 1: Rabbi Corey Margolese and Councillor Gila Martow; Pic 2: Jesse Primerano and Daniel Koren; Pic 3: Eager Attendants; Pic 4: Sue-Ann Levy and Raheel Raza; Pic 5: Hon. Melissa Lantsman

Advocacy and Action

CAEF Letter to University of Pennsylvania re the hosting of Palestine Writes Festival, a hatefest of significant magnitude, featuring a bevy of Jew haters.

CAEF Letter to supporting B’nai Brith Canada’s outstanding request to the Government of Canada to release all Holocaust records held in all departments.

Michael Pascoe’s Letter to MP Marco Mendocino, regarding Canada’s funding of the PA and UNRWA, fueling terror.

Larry Shapiro’s Letter to the Hill Times re biased information from CJMPE.

Letter from Richard Sherman: Letter to the Ottawa Citizen addressing unjust award for "social justice" established by Carleton University.


Watch--Settling the Facts: A Deeper Look at Israeli Settlements

Do you have images in your mind of what is implied by Jewish “settlements,” and “settlers”? Might such words illicit the hateful connotation of “colonialist,” “occupier,” “interloper” or worse? This video provides historical and current information on “settlements,” the Jews who live in Judea and Samaria and the overall of the development of Israel.


Watch Summer 2023, Training of Terrorists

Canadians must raise objections to the complicity and irresponsibility of Canadian tax funds going to train killers, to reward killers, and assassinate Jews. Write to your Member of Parliament and the Prime Minister, cc the Opposition Leader. Send a letter to your local newspaper. Take Action.

Cartoon by Ya'akov Kirschen


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