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Some Bad, Some Ugly, Some Good | CAEF Bulletin October 8, 2021

Hamas Is Nazi Aligned, the PA is Nazi Aligned

Palestinian flag with swastika displayed in the Gaza Strip during rioting in 2019, image via IDF Flickr

Despite statements by Hamas leaders that claim the use of the Nazi symbol, even by only one Gazan, undermines their cause for justice, a cause of resistance, the swastika has appeared several times and the goal of Hamas and the Nazis is the same—eradicate the Jews.

Here is the 2021 version of the link with Nazism, a flag flown in a village in the Disputed Territories, reported on Sept 16, 2021 in the Times of Israel.

A Nazi flag attacked to electrical cables in the Palestinian village of Beit Ummar in the West Bank, on September 26, 2021. (Screenshot/Instagram)

Here is another article about a Palestinian Arab protest that linked Israel to the Nazis, a clear violation of the IHRA and a good indication of the depth of Jew Hatred resident in the community of Beita.


Lots of Bad Ideas

It really is bad enough that our enemies say foul and bigoted things about Jews, Israel, and Judaism, but the Jewish authors of the Jerusalem Declaration, supposedly learned folks, have come up with a plan to undermine the rights of Jews, the protection of Israel and the equality for the Jewish people. The Jerusalem Declaration was never needed, after all over 34 states have adopted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism, and after studying the matter for several years, expending resources, and tremendous energy in combatting the many and virulent forms of Jew hatred. So why enter the field and propose a new and less effective definition, unless undermining the existing one benefits either the proponents themselves or our enemies?

The Jerusalem Declaration is another ploy to subvert the Jewish State, and this time from Jews. Read the in depth analysis by the Begin Sedat Center for Strategic Studies by Dr. Dana Barnett published on October 3, 2021 which signals the Jerusalem Declaration is itself antisemitic.

Cary Nelson, in the Fathom also rejects the Jerusalem Declaration as: “defining antisemitism in an excessively narrow way, uncomprehending of the ideological versions of antisemitism that are now so influential; for dissolving antisemitism into antiracism, discrediting and obliterating Jewish identity; for employing rhetorical strategies that repeatedly draw empty or banal distinctions to disclaim antisemitic content; for naively absolving the anti-Zionist industry of any probable freight of hatred; and for being marred by a conceptual confusion about, and an impoverished history of, antisemitism.”

Nelson’s article is well articulated and identifies also the flaws in another alternative offering to IHRA, the Nexus Declaration.

(Cary Nelson is Jubilee Professor of Liberal Arts & Sciences emeritus at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.)


Speak Only the Truth

What was VP Kamala Harris thinking when she fed the woke leftist, uninformed antisemitic student’s lies a signal of approval? Harris has come under enormous criticism for not seizing the moment and correcting the falsehoods and disinformation spoken by a young student. She instead “rewards” her for speaking up for supposed justice. What justice? Lies and antisemitism?

Watch lawyer Brooke Goldstein address this issue and consider how often this “shrug the shoulders” or “support the ignorant” attitude is what is offered by our leaders, teachers, and preachers.


What’s in a Name?

Does the Canadian Anti-Hate Network call out all forms of hate, condemn all antisemtism, condemn minorities or Islamists when they are antisemitic, or only censure white supremacists and neo-Nazis?

In coming across an article about the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN a critic points out that the organization), specializes in criticizing, commenting on and condemning only right wing hatred. The source of the article is a Canadian online journal that I had not been aware of, but found to be informative and original. The C2C Journal, founded in 2007 describes itself thusly: “an online magazine publishing original commentaries, stories, reviews and investigative reports. Aimed at a national Canadian audience of readers interested in fresh ideas and quality writing about current political, cultural and economic issuesC2C’s unabashed bias is in favour of free markets, democratic governance and individual liberty.

We strive for balance, fairness and accuracy in our reporting and commentary. Our mission is to explore and develop “Ideas that Lead” by encouraging writers to push boundaries, challenge orthodoxies and advance arguments rooted in the values and principles of classical liberalism and western civilization.” (Ed.)

Read article about the background and model for CAHN according to research by C2C Journal.


Fighting the Good Fight


Andrew Pessin, a professor of philosophy at Connecticut College, the Campus Bureau Editor of The Algemeiner and the author, co-author or editor of twelve book, writes about the cancel culture. In an article published in September 2021 by the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship he states:

“The university has become almost unrecognizable compared to what it once was, or at least was ideally conceived to be. In place of the reasoned deliberation that was its modus operandi we find feverish activism; in place of the “neutral forum for civil debate in the shared pursuit of truth” that was its raison d’être, we find the domination and enforcement of official orthodoxies. Disagreement, once its lifeblood, the driving force for intellectual advancement, now is anathema. If you dare to differ from some particular orthodoxy, it’s because (in the best-case scenario) you simply don’t understand, typically because you enjoy some unearned privileges that blind you to the experiences of others. In the worst-case scenario it’s because you, in fact, are part of the problem, not merely because you enjoy those privileges but because you are actively defending them. You are, in other words, a racist, or a homophobe, or a transphobe, or an Islamophobe.”

Read more excerpts below and the whole article here.

“Postmodernism brought an attack on the idea of objective truth; relativism, perhaps motivated by tolerance and respect for diversity, magnified that attack.”

“All of this culminates in the production of “cancel culture” on campus: those who disagree with the reigning orthodoxies must be no-platformed, literally eliminated from the table of discourse and in some cases from the campus altogether. The National Association of Scholars currently documents some 180 cases at North American universities going back to 2015, and that list, I assure you, is not complete—nor finished”.

In response to this cancel culture, to reflect on it and how to combat it, Pessin notes that ridicule is a strategy, one promoted by Saul Alinsky in his training of radicals. Pessin contributes to the battle for a free society in his novel Nevergreen, which uses “satire to target campus cancel culture and the ideological excesses that generate it.” Writing a novel was Pessin’s way to cut through the academy’s bias, to illustrate its attacks on freedom and integrity and to help people to feel the experience of being ostracized and cancelled.



Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch, took a stand against Left wing antisemitism and antiZionism within the Reform movement of Judaism, first in his Rosh Hashonah sermon, then condensed in an article that deserves to go viral. He has taken a bold step in writing this article for Tablet Magazine, September 26, 2021, that is entitled: Stop Enabling the Antisemites Who Live Closest to Our Homes.

Drawing on a true story from the Holocaust plus historical truths of how the antisemitism signs were ignored, understated, reduced to avoid conflict and to appease the Nazis, Rabbi Hirsch points out how this is happening today. He states:Many of us liberal Jews are not awake to the hatred of our colleagues, students, professors, and thought leaders.”

This article is vitally important. Read it, share it, send it to your Reform and Reconstructionist synagogue leaders. Speak of it, send it to friends. Do not ignore the signs.



Watch: The Truth Behind Ben & Jerry’s Boycott of Israel From ZOA-Michigan


Brooke Goldstein, founder of The Lawfare Project and End Jew Hatred writes in RealClear Religion that Pope Francis is Right: Antisemitism is a Serious Threat. Read here.


CAEF is pleased to share notice of this significant webinar invitation from our friends in Geneva, Switzerland’s Association Coopération et Développement (ACD).


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