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With every attack from Gaza, Israel responds and that is what should be, but with every response, the reverberation is felt world-wide in Jewish communities and even where no Jews exist. The pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel crowd is increasingly rowdy, angry, and sometimes destructive. They have attacked Jews in Montreal and Toronto and in Europe. We must be strong, determined and committed, but also extremely cautious. Below are the words from Shmuel Sackett, founder of the American NGO, Am Yisrael Chai. CAEF agrees that as things escalate in the conflict, there will be more Jew hatred in the diaspora. Let us hope that with peace in mind, Israel routs Hamas and is able to end this decades old war against the Jewish nation.

“Every time Israel is involved in situations such as these, anti-Semitism soars higher around the world. In the last week alone, anti-Semitic acts have tripled in the UK and I expect that number to be the same in Europe and North America as well. University campuses in the USA and Canada will experience new waves of violence against Jews so please; learn how to defend yourself and use every legal measure possible to keep yourself, your family and your property safe. Israel will be taking very severe measures against Hamas in the coming days and the anti-Israel, Jew haters will attempt to punish their local Jewish neighbors. Therefore, be vigilant and on high-alert and make sure you prevent attacks… which are definitely on their way.”

KNOW the FACTS of the conflict as Hamas bombs Israel and the Palestinian Authority supports and encourages terrorism on the streets of Israel. Read this letter from the Israeli government.


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