Stand Up to BDS, a Campaign of Antisemitism - CAEF Bulletin October 11, 2019

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Businesses in Canada that We Recommend You Support

One organization in Canada that relentlessly attacks Israel, spreads lies and continuously promotes a double standard, denigration and  demonization of Israel is ironically called Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East. A review of their website, past campaigns, election analysis and speaker events, confirms that CJPME isn’t about justice or peace, but is a one-sided, misguided, ill-informed campaign against Israel. This organization ignores the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism and can be  shown to fly in the face of this now internationally accepted standard which calls out antiZionism and BDS as antisemitic. At no time has CJPME condemned the terrorism and violence against Israelis nor injustices against minorities and women in many Middle Eastern countries. Their promotion of BDS is antisemitic, so based on their own biased postings, here are the businesses CAEF encourages you to support:

Truths that CJMPE and other Israel – Bashers Need to Learn

A Spoken Testament to the Antisemitism of BDS

This speech by US Democratic Congressman Charles Schumer highlights the true intent of BDS, the destruction of Israel. BDS incorporates rhetoric that includes the denial that Jews are a nation, and a people entitled to a State.

What is BDS-other than an antisemitic organization making fake claims?

BDS claims to be about human rights but targets Israel which follows the rule of law,  is democratic, and adheres to a civil rights framework. BDS ignores autocratic, theocratic, misogynist, authoritarian regimes.

It claims to be campaigning for peace yet targets Israeli peace initiatives such as the integrated work force of Soda Stream. BDS ignores violence and murder and even supports the actions of Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

It claims to be anti-racist but only targets Israel. Jews and Arabs are equally protected by the Law in the Jewish state. BDS is antisemitic! Im Tirtzu, a partner with our Israel’s Legal Rights Program states it well.

Some Good News About Israel’s Actions Against BDS

Aryeh Deri Moves to deport BDS Founder Barghouti