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Standing Tall, Rising Up | CAEF Bulletin - September 23, 2022

Rise Up Ottawa!

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Why a Two State Solution will NOT bring Peace

There seems to be very mixed and contradictory messages in the Jewish community and broader community. Most people would love to see peace between Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs, but the charter of Hamas and the various laws of the Palestinian Authority stand in opposition to peace with the Jewish people, demand the end of the Jewish state, and make false claims against Israel. A Palestinian state, according to President Abbas, would deny any Jewish residency or citizenship so a Judenfrei country would exist in the belly of Israel. The Arab demands continue to thwart a two-state solution and threaten the very existence of Israel.

This does not mean that CAEF doesn't support peace. We do! We just want to ensure the survival of Israel, recognition of the full rights of Jews to their ancient homeland, the end of terror on the part of the Palestinian Arabs, permanent security for Israel and the Arabs, equality and democracy for the all if the Arabs have another state. We are not addressing borders, that is the responsibility of the negotiating parties. It needs to be recognized that the majority of Israelis do not support two states; they recognize the extreme danger it would place them in at this time.

In an article produced by Facts and Logic About the Middle East (FLAME), 3 reasons are given for the likelihood of a two state solution failing at this time:

start with three explicit demands made by the Palestinians during those peace negotiations:

  1. No peace without the “Palestinian refugees’ right of return” to Israel.

  2. No acceptance of the Jewish state of Israel.

  3. No cessation of “complaints” against Israel.


Discussion on the Gaza Terror Threat

Dr. Martin Sherman, Director of the Israel Institute of Strategic Studies, has long spoken of the threat posed by Gaza which increased dramatically after Israel made a unilateral decision to pull out in 2005. It has not brought peace. It has not brought negotiations. It has not brought recognition of Israel's right to exist. It has brought war, death, destruction, and increased condemnations upon Israel, which has only fought defensively or attacked strongholds of terrorists and their arms. That innocents have been killed lies entirely on the heads of Hamas leadership, a terror organization that uses civilians, including children, as human shields.


Hopes for Israel in the New Year

In his Rosh Hashonah message, Brig. General (res) Amir Aviv, of the Israel Defense and Security Forum, states 8 points and we restate a key one here which is one that CAEF wholeheartedly supports.

Israel must reinvigorate Zionism in the national education system. National Security is first and foremost about nationalism, patriotism, our Jewish heritage, and Zionism.

Read the full message here and sign up to support IDSF.


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