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The Future, from Various Perspectives | CAEF Bulletin - November 9, 2022

Here is How Israel Comes to an End—The Two State Solution

In a 2009 article, headlined “Palestinian Official Says Two-state Solution Will Destroy Israel,” the Palestinian Ambassador to Lebanon and member of Fatah’s Central Committee, Zaki Abbas, candidly asserted: “With the two-state solution… Israel will collapse… What will become of all the sacrifices they made – just to be told to leave? … The Jews consider Judea and Samaria to be their historic dream. If the Jews leave those places, the Zionist idea will begin to collapse. It will regress of its own accord. Then we will move forward.”

The above excerpt is from an article in Israpundit, October 22, 2022, written by Dr. Martin Sherman, who spent seven years in operational capacities in the Israeli defense establishment. He is the founder of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), a member of the Habithonistim-Israel Defense & Security Forum (IDSF) research team, and a participant in the Israel Victory Initiative.


We are Not Done with Marouf Scandal

CAEF continues to support the petition filed in Parliament by Melissa Lantsman, Conservative Deputy leader and MP for Thornhill asking for a full public inquiry into the nature, extent of funding, interactions, approvals, relations etc of Laith Marouf and all civil servants, politicians and others that allowed him to receive federal funds to teach anti-racism while being a known bigot and antisemite for decades.

Listen to CJN podcast hosted by Ellin Bessner with Michael Teper, board member who initiated the petition.


Looking for FACTS to Defend Israel, Present Accurate History

This short history lesson from Ben Shapiro covers it all, presents the truth and is well illustrated.

Yoseph Hadad Arab spokesperson for Israel, makes it clear, “You Don’t have to be Jewish in Israel to be Successful.”


How Should We View the State of America For Jews Today?

It is pretty much assumed that what happens in the US, transposes to Canada so the words of Adam Milstein, a Zionist, philanthropist, and founder of the Israel-American Council, who has given this a lot of thought, might echo here.

This article appeared in the Jerusalem Post, October 21st, 2022. The election in the US may be a turning point, but as this is written, the direction it will turn is yet unknown.

The article begins: “The decline in the favorability of mainstream American views toward Israel has coincided with a rise in antisemitic violence, particularly in large metropolises, promoted by Islamo-Leftist groups.

By now, we have read countless articles warning of the coming end of the Jewish golden era in America. The dwindling number of Americans identifying as Jews (now around 4.5 million—half of all Americans of Jewish descent), the passing of the Holocaust generation and the fading memory of the Holocaust itself, ideological polarization and illiberalism are just a few of the reasons discussed.”


How Hate is Taught, Explained by a British Muslim

Listen to Kasim Hafeez, explain to the world how hatred of Jews was/is part of the education for many Muslims, even those born in a western liberal democracy. We have much to overcome and having schools teach authentic history, not arbitrary narratives, would greatly help.


Resources for Jewish Children, Understanding Antisemitism

We must not pretend that antisemitism isn’t affecting children of all ages, isn’t upsetting, misunderstood and a gateway for Jewish kids to either vacate or diminish their Jewish identity.

In response to a query from a reader about how to help a child understand antisemitism, the following books were recommended for the parents, by our Education Committee Chair, Sydell Waxman.

These are a few books that might help a parent of a 7 year-old seeking material.

Come With Me by Holly MGhee illustrated by Pascal Lemaitre

A little girl, frightened by what she sees in the news, asks her parents who share their simple, perfect solution. They say, "Come with me," so that hand in hand we can face the world."

Most People by Michael Leannah illustrated by Jennifer E. Morris

When the world looks scary to some children, this book can help. It reassures them that most people want to be kind, helpful, loving and funny. Meandering through a busy city, the book shows all kinds of people helping others in various ways.

This delightful picture book is an allegory that children of all ages can relate to on different levels. The terrible ogre (enemy) is feared but in reality he may be very different, even more kind than imagined. Very young children will just see and hear a fun tale and enjoy finding clues in the book as to what will happen next. Behind the surface of this fun tale are deeper issues. People can dismiss the reality, perhaps even danger that surrounds them while holding tight to negative biases about others for which there is no proof. Highly recommended as a foray into the heavier, older issues of bias, tolerance and eventually Antisemitism.


Letter to the New York Times, from Richard Sherman, contributing writer, activist, Zionist

November 2, 2022

Dear Letter to the Editor:

Why is "a chance to reinforce the country's (Israel's) Jewish identity" a problem? ("Netanyahu Extends Lead, But Fate of Minor Parties Gives Opponents Hope"). Article 80 of the United Nation's Charter, an international treaty that all 193 members are required to obey, declares what is Israel including Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem to be the RECONSTITUTED homeland of the Jewish people recognizing the Jewish people's 4000 year old indigenous presence on the land and its sovereign Jewish status. "Reinforcing the country's Jewish identity" is consistent with the United Nations' charter --- and 4000 years of history.


Consider these facts when trying to understand the outcome of the Israeli election of November 1st, 2022 (editor) CAEF endorses no party.

Mainstream organizations and standard media outlets are crying “gevalt!” over the rise of Itamar Ben Gvir of The Religious Zionism Party, while ignoring the rise of a PLO entity whose incitement to murder Jews is part and parcel of their public policy.

The PLO, the Palestine Liberation Organization, through their sophisticated sounding Palestinian Authority, now recognized by 135 nations, makes no attempt to sugar coat their actions and intentions.

Consider these points:

  1. The Palestinian Authority texts present murderers as role models.

  2. Their tournaments feature those who have murdered Jews

  3. Their newly enacted laws provide an automatic fee-for-life for anyone who murders a Jew.

  4. Their songs carry lyrics of praise for the extermination of Jews.

The unkindest cut of all is that the government of Israel endorses the PA as a moderate entity.

Meanwhile, the PSF (Palestine Security Force), equipped by the US and trained by the IDF, now openly conducts armed attacks against Jews throughout the country.


The Tikvah Fund Announces a New Educational Program

CAEF is including this item as a message for all who ask what is a good Jewish education? How do we raise a Zionist? Where do we access a great learning experience for Jewish kids?

This new program came to our attention.

The Lobel Center for Jewish Classical Education will be rooted in several core principles: the belief that the foundational texts of Jewish civilization are our birthright and our north star; the belief that Western civilization is a great inheritance, and that all Jews should understand their important place in this grand story; the belief that America is an exceptional nation, and that Hebraic ideas have profoundly shaped the American character; the belief that Israel is the sacred homeland of the Jewish people and that the Zionist story is heroic; the belief that human excellence in every arena of life should be cultivated and celebrated as a gift; and the belief that mastering the classical arts of reading, writing, and rhetoric are key to unlocking the riches of Jewish and Western culture.


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