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Think Good News | CAEF Bulletin May 29, 2022

Yom Yerushalyim Sameach!

Historian Gil Troy tell us, that “Every Jew, not Just Israelis, should Celebrate Jerusalem Day”, the eternal capital of the Jewish people, and the rallying cry for 3,000 years.


Watch the Animated, Very Real History of Israel

Video by Amos Sochaczevsky, Montreal


Good News from the EU—Cutting Funding for UNRA

While still providing millions to the organization that celebrates violence, detests Israel, teaches lies and rewards terror, the EU has drastically cut funding to the UN Relief and Works Agency.

Read this article in JNS on May 16, 2022, and then write to the Prime Minister and ask: When will Canada stop funding terror, stop the abuse of Arab children who are taught violence and Jew hatred?


Protesting the Protest, the Nabka is Not a Tragedy

On May 16, 2022 in Israel, a number of student protests erupted on campuses where least expected, especially in Haifa, long regarded as a “mixed city.” The Arabs bemoan the fact that they were defeated, and thus humiliated, when 5 armies could not eradicate the newly formed Jewish state of Israel in 1948. Ever since the mid-60s the Arab leadership has proclaimed this a memorial day, a day they would like the world to acknowledge as their Holocaust. But it wasn’t any such thing.

Increasingly, the Palestinian Arabs, with support from Israeli Arabs and outside influences, are protesting the establishment of Israel, and whereas Jews were celebrating Independence Day on May 15th, there were antisemitic, anti Zionist events that threatened, even endangered Jewish students in their own country. (Register for the Habithonistim webinar on June 2nd, that reveals the research on this topic, with sponsorship by CAEF.)

Thankfully, Im Tirtzu, a unique national Zionist organization challenged the haters. See the counter protest photos of proud Israelis.

When Nabka Day erupts in Canada, where do you stand? Where do we all stand and why don’t we take to the streets to challenge the lies? The Nabka is a false construct, a day in which our enemies mourn that they were defeated. Remember this—it is a day of victory for the Jews and not for the Jew haters.


“Palestine” is a False Cause, a Word of Lies and an Antisemitic Campaign

This is a pretty outrageous statement but it is made with honesty and care, to highlight the truth—all of the pro-Palestinian organizations, with titles that suggest social justice, human rights and relief for Palestinian Arabs, do none of these things. They are factories of Jew hatred.

There are no calls for peace, for co-existence, for conflict resolution. Their diatribe and vitriol spews lies, makes false claims, denies Jewish history and sometimes even invert stories to make our history, their history. There has never been a country called Palestine and the increasing use of the label “Israel-Palestine” is another trick in their bag of myths and lies. There is no country with that name and we must not acknowledge such language. Remember, until 1967, the Arabs did not identify themselves as an ethno-national people called Palestinians, because they have no distinctive language, culture or history that distinguishes those who lived in Mandate Palestine, from those in Syria, Jordan or Lebanon. There were until 1948, Jewish Palestinians and Arab Palestinians, ie people who lived in the Mandate area, and the symbols for Palestine at that time included the Star of David.

Watch Avi Abelow explain the Nabka.


More Evil from the Unjust UN

The General Assembly is dominated by tyrants; the Security Council is frozen in action by Russia and China; the UN Human Rights Council is dominated by human rights abusers which have set in motion an Inquisition against Israel led by a well-known antisemite, Navi Pillay, and in another spurious non truth seeking position, the UN has appointed a new Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967—Francesca Albanese. This appointment also serves to highlight the anti-Israel bias that dominates the United Nations (UN) and provokes Jew hatred, and deliberately ensures that truth will not prevail.

Read the article by David Singer for Canada Free Press to understand who keeps Palestinian Arabs prisoners in poverty and despair, and it isn’t Israel.


And What of the Jews Who Loudly Proclaim They are not Zionists?

Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch, a Reform rabbi and spiritual leader of the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue in New York, a proud, articulate, leading voice in America, challenges those who deny or denigrate Zionism, Jews who stand against Zion, who are about social justice for everyone but the Jews. He writes—“Judaism and Zionism are inseparable”.

Read this important essay in the new online journal Sapir.


What the Arabs Give the World, a Video Explanation

Sent to CAEF anonymously, this video by an Arab, suggests he is a person of influence, a voice to be reckoned with, and maybe a sign of hope for the future. The video is framed by a Hebrew production company but it appears to be simply a recording from Arabic media.


A New Approach to Save Jewish Lives

At this time in history we need more Maccabees, more champions, more outspoken, stand up Zionists, more Allies, and more decent people to act. David Bedein of the Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research has proposed the creation of Pekuach Nefesh Alert, with the goal: to organize citizens of conscience around the world to challenge policies which pose a threat to Jewish lives in Israel.

Everyone can act. There is no excuse for inaction, no need to wait for the Jewish establishment or formal leadership to act; every citizen can act. Call out the dangers, enlist friends and allies.

Read Bedein’s article, outlining threats and actions.


Individuals Making Newsworthy Stories

Watch Ilan Sinelikov, founder of Students Supporting Israel, on Prager University

Noa Tishby, actor, author and envoy is playing a significant role in delivering truth, sharing facts on social media that challenges the lies published by the mainstream press, by lazy journalists and biased pundits, and those of ill will towards Israel who just repeat the lies.

Watch Israel’s new Special Envoy for fighting antisemitism and delegitimization, and help the message go viral.

While Israel is vilified and inappropriately blamed for killing an Al Jazeera Journalist, who was most likely killed by a Palestinian Arab bullet, learn how Palestinian journalists are actually treated by the Palestinian Authority.

Watch video by Hananya Naftali


Close to Home: Has the University of Toronto come to grips with its antisemitism problem?

Dr. Stuart Kamenetsky first brought the problem of many years of repeated acts of antisemitism to the attention of the University of Toronto administration, and then to various Jewish organizations in the Greater Toronto Area, seeking advice, support, encouragement and strategy. He was greatly assisted by B’nai Brith Canada and kept in regular communique with CAEF. He has maintained eyes and ears on the progress or lack of it at the U of T, and has chosen to be a thorn in the side of the administration, noting that even after about a year’s “investigation” the appointed Working Group on Antisemitism, failed to address the core of the problem. The Working Group refused to adopt the internationally recognized IHRA working definition of antisemitism, and thus one has to wonder how they could study a problem they will not define.


End Jew Hatred at The Israel Day Parade in New York

Will Society Benefit from the Politics of Race?

This question should concern Jews, because we are being categorized as “White” in an era where white is equal to bad, colonial, supremacist, and oppressor. The application of critical race theory to every aspect of civil society and now to many commercial enterprises, including the Bank of Canada (see …) is oppressive in itself. Neither Canada nor the USA are systemically racist, notwithstanding that there are racist individuals, and groups, and there have been policies and practices that hindered and hurt those communities of both immigrants and indigenous people, and of course Black Americans, descendants from slaves. But to see all of one’s problems as race based, to educate kids to distinguish themselves and others mainly on the basis of skin colour and to attribute the failures of some groups to racism by others, is not only pointless, it is disingenuous and dishonest.

Consider the writing of Economist Glenn Loury, a Black American who has a lot to say about the false premises of critical race theory and the lies being told to Black Americans and the harm that it does to them and to White Americans.

Read Loury’s essay in City Journal, May 26, 2022.


Regaining National Pride

This young woman, a Harvard senior identifies what ails America and it also applies to Canada. If we don’t love our country and it’s values- defend our freedoms, justice and equality of opportunity, we may lose them and destroy the coubtry. Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper said, he wouldn’t go along to get along, and neither should we. This applies to defending Israel’s right to defend itself, a United Jerusalem, and our democracy, while opposing the injustice of identity politics, cancel culture, and false narratives that contribute to Jew hatred.


Good News

CAEF at Walk for Israel, Toronto, May 29, 2022 End Jew Hatred



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