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View Important CAEF and Partner Videos

CAEF is featuring 4 webinar recordings and reminding Canadian students of the Hasbara Fellowships Jewish identity contest. Choose your webinar of interest or watch all of them. Your feedback is welcome at

We thank all of our wonderful partners and sponsors.

On April 14th, CAEF featured a Web Talk with James Sinkinson, President of FLAME. Watch and learn the 5 Strategies you can use to help Israel and combat Jew hatred.

Watch recording of webinar panel presented by Canadians for The Rule of Law, on Hatred Out of Control: Solutions and Challenges, featuring Anita Bromberg, President of CAEF, Leo Adler, criminal lawyer and Julius Grey, human rights lawyer, moderated by Christine Williams, author and commentator.

Then watch Bassam Eid, Palestinian Arab Human Rights Activist, on the politics inside Gaza and the Disputed Territories, presented by Adath Israel, Beth David and Beth Emeth Bais Yehudah Synagogues and co-sponsored by CAEF.

Watch an impressive panel of experts on Antisemitism at the University of Toronto, presented by Beth Tikvah Synagogue and co-sponsored by CAEF

The #MyJewishIdentity contest deadline is exactly 9 days away.


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