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Watch 3 recent programs; Register for Unmasking Jew-hatred within the Palestinian National Movement

CAEF co-sponsored a Webinar featuring Ezra Ridgely, Director of the Jewish Heritage Project, who made Aliyah two years ago. Presented by the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research, Ezra showed viewers the land of our forefathers and mothers, the communities of Judea and Samaria (Shomron), referred to by the Jordanians, Palestinian Arabs, uninformed Western Press, and others as the West Bank. But this land historically was sovereign Israel and was granted to the Jewish people to be part of re-constituted Israel, then illegally invaded by Jordan in 1948 and occupied from 1949-1967 when it was liberated by Israel in the defensive Six-Day War. Ezra gives the viewers an insider view of life, of communities, of faith.


Yotam Eyal, CEO of the Legal Forum for Israel, gave two informative, insightful presentations on the judicial reform proposed by the Coalition government of Israel, after they campaigned on this issue and were given a majority in the Knesset. Yotam explained the source of the opposition, providing examples of the over reach currently enjoyed by the Supreme Court in Israel, and the lack of balance between authoritative parts of the government, as one would expect in a democracy. The first program provides an overview of the issues, while the second program explored these in more depth.

Watch videos

Yotam Eyal and Anita Bromberg
Andria Spindel and Yotam Eyal

Watch Alan Dershowitz, internationally-known constitutional and criminal lawyer, professor Emeritus, Harvard U, spoke on a panel at the recent Annual Besheva Group Jerusalem Conference in New York. He spoke out against the tactics used by those protesting the judicial reforms. He states these are hurting Israel internally and externally.


The Regavim Movement

Learn more about life in Judea and Samaria, the challenges, conflicts, and champions defending the land.

In May, I had the opportunity to visit the office of Regavim, meet with Director General Meir Deutch, and Director of the International Division, Naomi Linder Kahn. I scooped up reports and pamphlets in English which give clear, concrete, and comprehensive information on the siege of land being undertaken in Area C by Palestinian Arabs, funded by the EU, and of the damage and harm caused on parts of the land that are environmentally important but not respected by local Bedouin. Attacks on Jewish communities are growing in Judea and Samaria; security is a major concern, but Jewish life prevails. Get to know the heroes and champions defending the land.


CAEF Co-sponsors Conference, Unmasking Jew-hatred within the Palestinian National Movement


Toronto Mayoralty Candidates Non-Responsive on Antisemitism Issue

CAEF sent 6 questions on issues of concern to the Jewish community, to 51 of the mayoralty candidates in Toronto's upcoming election for Mayor.

It is now the eve of the election and only one candidate responded. Others made commitments to respond or their campaign staff indicated they were likely to send responses.

Sadly, the top-tier candidates did not respond. So the question that remains, is how important do the candidates view the rise of antisemitism, the need to better protect their Jewish constituents and communities?

Are candidates too busy to note that one of the minorities in this City, across the country and across the globe, is the most targeted for religious hatred and attacks? What will the next mayor of Toronto do to bring justice for Jews to the forefront, and eradicate Jew hatred?

CAEF is eager to hear from the next Mayor and will be seeking clarification and hopefully, a plan to address antisemitism, and eliminate it from our streets, schools, universities, social media, and traditional media.

Given the rise of incidents of anti-semitism and the fact that we are the most targeted community for racist attacks, the non-response by candidates for Mayor of Toronto is very serious and troubling


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