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Welcome to the New Year--CAEF Bulletin, January 4, 2021


Shira Ragosin, CAMERA Fellow in Feb 2019, wrote in CAMERA on CAMPUS, “As a winning painting over five years ago in an art competition held by the student government, this mural was only meant to “be displayed [in the student center] for two years”. The painting is still there, 6 years later, 4 since it was destined to be removed. Isn’t it time that it be taken down?

Wording at the bottom of the painting suggests this is a picture of justice, but to the naked eye it is a picture of someone identified as a Palestinian Arab who does not recognize the existence of the state of Israel (see map on his scarf) and is intent on causing the Israeli community harm, hence the rocks in his hands. Now, if this picture portrayed a Jew holding rocks over an Arab village, would it be tolerated for even 10 seconds? If it were a white lynch mob towering over a black person, would it last 5 seconds? If it were Europeans bringing small pox to indigenous people in the Americas, just how many seconds would it last before the Woke, progressives, anti-oppression holier-than-thou crowd spoke up and demanded it be taken down?

Well this picture depicts the real life threat and not so infrequent occurrence, the attacks and murder by Arabs of Israelis--children, women, old people, rabbis, teachers, shopkeepers, innocents. This is not a picture of justice but of incitement to harm Jews.

(On December 20th, 2020 Muhammad Marwah Kabha murdered Esther Horgan (on the right), mother of six, while she was out jogging. Throwing stones kills people!! This was just the latest in such terror attacks.)


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UNRWA, A Weapon Against the Jewish State

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency was established with a single goal, to assist the so-called Palestinian refugees who fled in 1949 from homes in the new state of Israel. But why? Look at its founding date: December 9, 1949, more than a year after the State of Israel was declared and ONLY because the armies of five Arab countries invaded Israel to rid it of Jews, and ordered the Arab inhabitants to flee, was a refugee situation created. The warlords of TransJordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Iraq expected to drive the Jews out and the Arabs, who numbered approximately 770,000, would return to their homes.

The purpose of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, also known as UNHCR or the United Nations Refugee Agency is to settle and support refugees fleeing violence in their home country, and to help them settle in another country if they cannot go home.

The violence the Palestinian Arabs experienced was foisted upon them by their fellow Arabs and supported by many of them, and continues by many of them today. If protection were important, maybe the refugee support agency would disarm the terrorists within, move to support the arrest and removal of the perpetrators, educate for peace and resettlement, resolve internal Arab conflicts which perpetuate the myth of “refugees” after 70 years. The picture below is taken from texts used by UNRWA to maintain the struggle and the myth of millions or Palestinian refugees.

The liberation struggle as depicted to grade 1 students: (Our Beautiful Language, Grade 1, Part 2 (2019) p. 83)

By the definition of “refugee,” there are very few surviving Arabs who formerly lived in what is now Israel, and those who live in camps in Judea and Samaria make mockery of the definition as they live among their brethren in areas controlled by their brethren, where they are kept as pawns, demanding largesse from donor countries. It is a terrible farce played on the world stage.

Why is this supported by Western powers too lazy or impotent to demand change. Or are they, strangely, politically motivated to leave the situation unresolved, to place blame on Israel and to refuse to challenge what is an amoral discrepancy between categories of refugees? Those who are kept on the UNRWA roster gain many fold times the financial support of all the other refugees in the world, and the only violence that the Palestinian Arab refugees suffer is from their own government bodies and marauding gangs.

If an Arab shows support for Israel, his fellows might jail or kill him. If an Arab sells his home or land to a Jew, good likelihood he will be jailed or killed. If a Palestinian Arab so much as makes a Facebook friend with an Israeli Jew, he will suffer severe consequences.

UNRWA will be there to ensure that the hate for Jews is strong and persistent, passed on in the culture and habits of people educated on hate and lies. Documentation has many times been available to show the antisemitism—pure Jew hatred—in the school curriculum, provided via the Palestinian Authority and taught in UNRWA schools. Documentation has been pervasive on the ineptitude of the leadership of UNRWA. Studies confirm that UNRWA fuels Jew hatred, thus continuing to incite war on Israel with the consequence being death to Israelis.



Morocco—Israel Make News, Wake Up World!

Courtesy of our friend Simon Keslassy, President of Communaute Juive Marocaine de Toronto, the photos below sent from the Government of Morocco were shared with CAEF, depicting the actual signing event that took place in Rabat, Morocco on December 10th, 2020 at which time the governments of Morocco and Israel agreed to re-establish diplomatic ties. For Jews who left Morocco for economic, education and other opportunities, and their descendants, there has always been a warm and respectful feeling about their home and history in Morocco. Thus it is for our local Moroccan Jewish community especially heartfelt that two countries they hold dear are once again cooperating, and sharing their hopes and dreams for peace in the Middle East.

Representatives from Israel, US, and Morocco

The delegation from Israel was led by Meir Ben-Shabbat, who was born in Israel of Moroccan parents, and speaks Arabic which King Mohammed VI, we are advised, especially appreciated. The American delegation was led by Jared Kushner who has been lauded for his amazing contribution in bringing Arab countries together with Israel. The Moroccan diplomatic head in the meeting and speaking in the photo is Minister of External Affairs and International Cooperation, Nasar Bourida.

L-R, Meir Ben-Shabbat, Jared Kushner, Nasar Bourida, King Mohammed VI.

Flowers were laid at the crypt of the late father and grandfather of the current monarch, King Mohammed V, and King Hassan II respectively.

It is expected that King Mohammed VI will seek to address peace between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs over the coming years.

CAEF hopes the rest of the Muslim world is paying attention to the goodwill expressed now by 6 Muslim countries towards Israel, and the extensive benefits that normalization via the Abraham Accords, will bring to these countries, while also advancing overall normalization for Israel on the global stage.

A full report of this very positive development appears in an Africa News story by Afolake Oyinloye on Dec 23rd, 2020. Read here.


Israeli Elections, The Emerging Landscape, a webinar with Dr. Mordechai Kedar, presented by Americans for a Safe Israel, co-sponsored by the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation was held on December 30th,2020. Our thanks to Judy Freedman-Kadish and her staff at AFSI for this webinar


Coming Soon—Justice for Jews, A new Web Talk Series from CAEF


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