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Who is Dealing with Jew Hatred? CAEF Bulletin Feb 8, 2021

Standing up for Jews and Against Jew Hatred, Holding Jew Haters Accountable: Join End Jew Hatred Canada

Since CAEF launched this Jewish civil rights movement we have carried out one direct action demanding that Twitter remove Holocaust deniers from their platform as they provoke Jew Hatred; we sent a follow up letter to Mr. Paul Burns, Managing Director of Twitter Canada asking that he meet with us and respond to ending Jew hatred on Twitter; increased EJH Canada membership; responded to queries from across Canada; saw two articles posted about our movement; identified several targets that need EJH attention to expose their antisemitism.

Here is the article by Doris Staub Epstein, published in on February 3rd, about our Jewish civil rights movement:

Last week, memorials for Holocaust Remembrance Day were held all over the world. The liberation of Auschwitz took place 76 years ago, yet today, while Holocaust survivors still live, Statistics Canada showed a marked increase in antisemitic incidents; in fact Jews are the most targeted group in Canada. In Toronto alone, hate crimes against Jews rose by 42 per cent.

Co -Chair of End Jewish Hatred (EJH) , Anita Bromberg, announced the launching of the new group at the memorial. “We will not be passive in the face of the resurgence of the oldest hatred, antisemitism,” she told the group. “We will carry out peaceful direct action. We invite all Jews and our allies to join and help End Jew Hatred in this generation.”

“Remembrance is not enough,” said Andria Spindel, the other Co-Chair of the grassroots movement. “We must do more than remember, we must stop Jew hatred now.”

End Jew Hatred held similar vigils on Holocaust Remembrance Day in 4 countries and 8 cities, see excerpt of all these events as posted on twitter, and share.


Congratulations to B’nai Brith Canada for Challenging Antisemitism at the University of Toronto

Working with Professors Stuart Kamenetsky and Howard Tenenbaum, B’nai Brith Canada exposed the poisonous antisemetic atmosphere at the Univesity of Toronto, one of Canada’s most esteemed, world class universities and the heart of the campaign against Israel and the Jewish people. Having been the birthplace of Israel Apartheid Week and the only university with a “permanent” committee to push BDS, the full story of Jew hatred was revealed in the Toronto Star here.

Several days later the decision to ban the BDS committee from the Grad Student Association sounded too good to be true, and it may be. Here is an excerpt from the B’nai Brith press release;

“In the ruling released Thursday, the Complaint and Resolution Council for Student Societies (CRCSS), a body created by the University but composed of students, found that the UTGSU’s BDS Caucus had engaged in discrimination based on nationality, in violation of its own Anti-Discrimination Policy. The CRCSS then issued five recommendations to the UTGSU, including revising its bylaws to prevent boycotts based on nationality, making the BDS Caucus student fee refundable, and revising its Anti-Discrimination Policy to align with the Ontario Human Rights Code.

If the UTGSU does not outline how it will implement the recommendations by March 1, and fully implement them within one year, the University’s Vice-President and Provost may withhold the student union’s compulsory fees.”

CAEF sincerely congratulates student Chaim Katz, whose placing of a complaint and persistence in seeking justice over several years, resulted in this decision, and congrats to B’nai Brith for their steadfast action.

Our skepticism is hopefully unfounded, but CAEF has been advised the student body that supports BDS may appeal the decision and the decision may not, in legal terms, suffice to prohibit all forms of antisemitism related to anti-Zionism, in other words the BDS supporters may have other tactics for furthering their deceit and lies, as the decision states that discrimination may not take place on the basis of nationality, so might these “creeps” use other claims for their libels and attacks? Will this ruling apply equally to all U of T campuses, most particularly that in Scarborough where students voted recently to support a BDS motion?


Understand Israel’s Need for Security to Achieve Peace

CAEF’s Web Talk with Brigadier General Amir Avivi hosted by Andria Spindel, Executive Director, on January 28th received a significant number of responses, and all enthusiastically positive. so we present it again. Please take the time to listen to this most informative presentation:


More Agreements, More Muslim Support, More Peace

On February 2nd, Kosovo, a Muslim majority country agreed to establish extensive relations with Israel and open its consulate office in Jerusalem which it recognizes as Israel’s capital. The latter decision brought immediate condemnation as reported in Al Jezeera from its apartheid supporting funders and listeners. Who else would continue to support the Palestinian Authority which condones murder of its own people for befriending Jews, for selling to Jews, or for recognizing Israel as the Jewish state, and being willing and desirous of peace with Israel.

However, the good must be acknowledged despite the naysayers and radical antusemites. The following statement can be found in the Times of Israel and in Al Jezeera:

“In a ceremony held over Zoom in Jerusalem and Pristina, Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi and his counterpart from Kosovo, Meliza Haradinaj Stublla, signed a joint declaration establishing ties.”

CAEF congratulates Israel and Kosovo, and celebrates the peace process occurring among the non-belligerent forward thinking Muslim states.


Love and Respect for Holocaust Remembrance from the UAE


Implications for the US since Biden Signed on to IHRA

As reported in the Jewish News Syndicate, and CAEF is pleased to report:

The new US Biden administration has embraced the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of Antisemitism, despite a few internal detractors. This is encouraging, but will it mean anything if the administration then begins funding the terrorists who abhor the IHRA, such as the PA and the not-really-a-refugee agency, UNRWA. The latter teaches hatred and incitement and the former rewards Jew killers. Neither recognizes Israel as the Jewish state, so they are totally antithetical to the morality of IHRA, but are favoured by Biden.


And Now for Some Comic Relief

Have you heard this one? In addition to making up a false history, adopting a non-Arabic name for a non-existent people, and claiming ownership of artifacts, archaeological sites and a non existent occupation, the latest Palestinian Authority claim is that Big Ben is theirs and should be returned. I am sure many people thought their ridiculous pursuit of a claim against the UK for Lord Balfour’s Declaration leading to Jewish sovereignty was a joke, but this is really far funnier.

"Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC BY-SA 3.0", Wikipedia


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